Thursday, February 06, 2014

The Primary Reason UK Immigration Is Unfair

The primary issue of unfairness is that these immigrants are, in all purposes, the exact same as citizens. There is no clear difference. All free services are afforded to everyone, regardless of tax contribution.

Currently, everything is paid for by the workers of the host country who are subjected to crippling cuts, unmet demand and price increases in conjunction with debilitating addition to the population and increased lack of opportunity.

Imagine a packed emergency room where 35 out of the 40 people in need were not born in the country, the waiting time is 3 hours and the 5 natives came last. Regardless of financial status, nobody will have to pay for any service, medicine or treatment given. The individuals who have contributed to the availability of the services are treated the same as those who haven't. Those who are without contributions do not have to pay for the difference. 

Ethically, this isn't bad but it is financial and political suicide.

How can immigrants be more important than the nationals. When immigration becomes detrimental to the needs of the nationals, why should it continue and increase without change.

Despite ethical standing of giving out free help, someone who has paid taxes for 3 years or 6 months is not OWED more than or as much as someone who has paid taxes for 30 years. To say the opposite is to condone outright unfairness and deny all right to ownership or nationalism, which would be very PC. There is a difference so there should be ramifications

It is still the case that an Englishman cannot go to France, Germany, Italy or Switzerland's domain and receive government money, assistance and services for free, British migrants must liaise with UK benefit providers for the first 6 months.

This mass migration is especially bemusing when considering the size difference of territories, England is half the size of Poland and 1/3 the size of Spain. Although the cities hold most of the new additions at deafeningly high density, the small towns and villages are saturated with European immigrants too. How we are supposed to live, I don't know. Its already clearly visible that London's transport system, getting cut down to strikes and public ignorance, cannot meet demand during the day - buses are having to skip stops unless passengers are getting off and trains are so full that commuters with appointments have to wait for the next one because there's not enough room to fit their face into someone's armpit .

Someone who is poor wants to have their teeth cleaned but has no free service to do so in their home country. They get a cheap flight to England from a friend and, because of European Union affiliation, can stay indefinitely. They go to an NHS dentist, answer some questions dishonestly and two days later, they go in and get their teeth cleaned for free. Going back home with a white smile and English money from a job that, for some reason, would not be given to a national. 

So to summarise the main undeniable problem with immigrants. It could be that there are too many, it could be that there are not enough boundaries, it could be that the welcoming isn't reciprocal, it could be the effects of many of their divisive attitudes but I'm saying today: Unlike everywhere else in the world bar America, immigrants here are equal to citizens.

I said "I'm saying today".....

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