Friday, August 16, 2013

Odd Trains: Extortionate and Unfair Rail Services


"Whoever... Is this fair?"

Journey A takes 30 mins and travels a distance of 30 miles
Journey B takes 30 mins and travels a distance of 30 miles

Journey A is under more demand, yet has the same train frequency and number of carriages as Journey B, which gets fewer passengers and less demand.

Journey A costs 34 coins to take
Journey B costs 14 coins to take

Does this make sense?
Why and how are these companies allowed to do this?

In 2008, a ticket which could be used to return with within 30 days of purchase, costed
a fifth more than the price of a single fare.
In 2012, a ticket which could be used to return with within 30 days of purchase, costed
the same as two singles.

"Pubic transport in Great Britain...."

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Contactless Payments Coming Up!!! - Diabolical Secrets

UPDATE: It is now 12th June 2014 and there are voice announcements playing on the buses saying "Cash will no longer be accepted on buses"... 

There is no reason for me to lie and there's no reason to not believe this (reverse as appropriate).

"Soo, an insider source has told me that the privatised Transport for London is currently (8/2013) training their staff to work with and administer 'Contactless Payment' scheduled to be in use "by 2016."

What Happened to the Music Industry?


Friday, August 02, 2013


Over 30 Million British people feel that the European invasion is a bad thing but the occupation/theft has a few benefits..

Push for education and employment

The unending droves of “educated” European immigrants coming over and entering roles without lining them up before getting on the plane sends a message to the nationals about education, 'if you want a job you must go and get trained up'.

Experience is required more than ever before, no more are the days of being able to go to an employer requesting a job and the necessary but not-too-hard training, unless an apprenticeship, only available to under-24's, is miraculously acquired. Why is experience needed to stack shelves?

Many British citizens applying for 'quick' certifications in immigrant saturated professions such as security or construction (the most popular ones requiring only a few weeks of observing to complete) will find that their mandatory criminal records bureau (CRB) checks will bring up petty misdemeanours that render them ineligible. Fortunately, an immigrant can easily falsify their difficult to check history regarding both crime and experience.

Somehow most of these new European people have qualifications and/or plenty of satisfactory experience unlike many nationals,1 in 2 newly opened positions goes to an immigrant. With EE's filling up most of the lower and un-skilled roles, a lower chance of employment for nationals will result in greater demand for education and training. In addition, regularly being unable to understand people promotes the learning of other languages.

This increased demand will benefit the training and certification industry, eventually bringing an increase to governmental tax receipts and more stolen and wasted money.

Pleasing the EU and receiving those benefits

A few liberals argue that without immigration this country would halt in broken disarray. This notion was only true at certain times in history, e.g. after world wars, but is logically untrue today. During and after consecutive recessions and a poorly hidden employment crisis with, as well as other methods used by our government, large numbers being signed off from the unemployment register by being allocated part time positions by government and EU funded organisations, such large numbers of immigrants are certainly making life here harder for everyone outside of ‘big business’.

If open immigration was curtailed there would be many changes and transitions but none would be catastrophic; although immigration will always cause numbers and demand to increase, growing economies and infrastructures by force, development is possible in all circumstances, especially with the "superior minds of the British". 

Complex are the full terms of agreement between the EU and the British Government but it is clear and stated that the borders of England and its valuable benefits are no longer under British control and are freely open to more than half a billion Europeans. There must be some extraordinarily valuable benefit to being in the EU, so presumably this mass migration, along with a long list of other sacrificial obligations, ensures its receipt. The government and media keeps telling the public that there are financial benefits to EU inclusion -- if that is true, what happened to Spain or Greece?

All cuts are offset by increased demand. There are a few EU benefits in plain view such as funding for community services and large business investments but are England’s receipts bigger than her contributions?

Raise usage of businesses and open spaces

As ‘foreigners’ lounge blissfully on the previously underused benches strewn around, talking loud and drinking beer in public places, simply enjoying their surroundings with touristic novelty, things look very different. Previously, park benches were used mostly by school kids and alcoholics. This display of appreciation should make the British-born see their invaded country in a different light, as a place to utilise and enjoy as the immigrants do.

Local businesses thrive from a wealth of customers whilst riversides, parks and local entertainment businesses such as tours, museums and theatres are seeing increasing numbers of admissions. Neighbourhoods in England are more bustling in the daytime than ever before, if unfortunately with a lack of unified community and universal rapport. Despite the fact that, while accounting for only 20% of England's total population, 4 in 10 murder or rape suspects were born elsewhere -- surprisingly less at 1 in 3 in the cities -- the streets are thankfully being used more due to immigration, which is good.

Whiter immigrants and the future

The pale ‘caucasian’ division in England has been drifting uncomfortably away from a majority status, with “Others” floating over 50% and London only having 44% 'white' English in 2011. Without the current mass European immigration, the next generation of Brits would consist mostly of darker skinned people, changing the face, image and agenda of Europe's loudest country.

Before the mass European migration, It was expected that, in a few decades, British 'whites' would be the smallest racial demographic nationwide. In 2012, ‘whites’ were the minority in a number of places with 2 in every 5 public schools in London having an Asian majority and 44% nationwide having ‘non-white’ majorities. Many areas of England's cities are vigilante-policed by groups known as the 'Paki Panthers'. That is a secret.

England’s population has been progressing increasingly 'non-white' over the past 60 years, not decidedly a bad thing, so the recent influx of European 'whiteness' acts as a "safeguard". The majority of these immigrants are likely to be bothered to learn the language, pay taxes and integrate into 'big society' instead of burrowing into discriminating communities, cultural ignorance and untaxed finance. Also, a 'whiter' next generation will give the British government more of a reason to care about it's people.

These particular immigrants are an issue that we will be forced to endure and deal with in the most positive way.