Sunday, May 22, 2016

Amsterdam First Time Psychologist's Experience

"I checked out many of the souvenir shops, hoping to find one from France, where I was supposed to be. Looking for an anomaly..."

Wildly differing from the virtual prisons of London and New York, the pubs can serve alcohol at the early hour of 10am and prostitutes are available until after midnight. The tourist district is almost perfectly arranged, in a capitalist sort if way, with a misleading maze of shops housing the red light district that offers cannabis, sex and other sightseeing opportunities unavailable in the other, more offensive, regions of the world.

Friday, May 20, 2016


A leaflet/PSA that UKIP sent out, in it's millions, to counteract the Pro-EU  propaganda sent out by Cameron's Tory government leading up to the EU referendum vote. 

If the majority vote is to stay in it will be nice to look back on the things that the masses chose to ignore. 

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Modern Transgenderism is A Joke (One-Off)

The modern world is a joke, we have all these developments but instead of leading us to utopia, they provide and result in further problems.

The ability to change ones sex, albeit not perfectly, has resulted in a growing number of people who choose to perceive themselves as most unhappy without gender reassignment. A point of no return. Last year (mar 15 -16), 1,419 children were admitted to just one of the NHS' numerous Gender Identity services, over 697 the year prior. The increase in gender confusion amongst youngsters in the west is increasing at a rate that may possibly be exponential.

Yet, as the only people who benefit from gender reassignment, the industry is reluctant to comment on the causes for the growth in interest.