Thursday, January 28, 2016

Mono-Living Is For Stupid Knobheads - Mark Zuckerberg

I've just found out about a new craze / fad proceeding through 'smart' people. Because of sheep-tendencies, Mark Zuckerberg's (Facebook founder) completely blank outfitting of a grey t-shirt and jeans (because he doesn't want or need anyone's approval or opinion) has extended into a life-choice mantra for the masses. Mono-living is the new black, meaning: wearing and / or doing the same things, routinely and without fail, to deny oneself the wastefully painful burden of choice. I'm serious. What is this??
I'm talking about a thought-space of people who believe that choice is overrated - and a complete waste of time. In order to focus on the things that matter, like parenthood, being successful, not being late and other obligations to others, you should refuse to think about yourself in terms of choices. Not to completely negate them but to minimise them.

In the pursuit of success and superiority - some Monos wear the same outfits every day, some dangerously eat the same things every day, some where the same make-up, some practice Mono-social (i sing), some only drink certain drinks - All confuse 'having routines' with being part of an 'elite group' and being different... oh, the irony.

Everyone implements routines into some aspect of their living. These Monos are essentially giving themselves a reason to have closed narrow minds, letting go of the joys of making choices and living one day different to the next. We need less of these people, the people who won't change, can't learn, admit that they hate to think and are set in their ways. They must not need the extra nuggets of joy. We will...

I can imagine that, denying oneself regular choices, these oddball would-be bosses would be much more selfish and irrational when a choice does have to be made. Being Mono is only possible if you have security in lifestyle, I know it can help to create security, but it is only possible with security at the start. The human brain, life and it's turbulence dictate that Mono-living will lose it's value at some point. These 'smart' people are too overconfident to acknowledge this.

In these uncontrollable times, is this a discordianistic ploy to get us all to realise that we are forgoing some of our most important choices?? In society and as individuals.

Some Monos, who aren't happy if they don't spend their days doing the same things - all things that they want to do because doing them makes them happier e.g. listening to music on a commute - confuse that with being a Mono. No, you're just a normal person.

But hey, Mark Zuckerberg said so...

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