Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Religion is a Joke (part 9/100)

Without defining your expectations.. your faith-system God and your religion is a Failure. Don't worry, they all are.

A British pound is worth more than the life of a child in poverty. Only 12% of the British population regularly gives to charity.

The British government, using money from taxpayers at the same time as proposing to deny homeless teenagers any assistance, spends 100,000,000 pounds (yes, 100 million GBP) per year on keeping 20 British 'whites' with self-induced kidney-based terminal illnesses alive and in hospital for the rest of their lives.

A billion every decade, spent on keeping 20 'whites' alive. In a country where 35% is not 'white' and poverty is a reality.

So, once again, it seems that God loves 'white' people the most.

Meanwhile, poverty, a force that is indisputably more powerful than any religious entity, influences mothers and women to wish human trafficking and prostitution on their young.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Monday, July 20, 2015

More Proof That UK's Government Doesn't Care

People looking for housing assistance get given cardboard folders packed with sheets of information intended as guidance.

Still giving out information packs that state on every page: ‘Updated 2012’ at the end of 2014 to members of the public inquiring about housing, the numerous changes and cuts to the housing, benefits and assistance systems that are now in effect aren't even accounted for.

The government expects people to stumble upon these new roadblocks as they go, on the outdated promises of certain funding and services that were actually made completely unavailable last year.

The government doesn't care enough to update the information they give to people in need.

Not telling them that things are actually slightly different and much harder than they were, even if you are a mother with a child, the UK government changes things but doesn't change their documentation of it for more than 2 YEARS.

However, London exists in a fundamentally different state to the rest of England so... I DUNNO.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Monday, July 13, 2015

The Real Truth About The Latest London Tube Strikes

As is typical, the newspapers only offer half of a story.

They mention only the unions discontent about the 24hr shift patterns and pay - rarely quoting a representative while never criticising the acts and intentions of the Public Transport bosses.

 London doesn't need a 24 hour tube service... Clearly.

The publications make it seem as though the unions are loathsomely careless and petty. Just as they've been told.

This is how our captors function: The banks are handling increasing customers aside the misguided hunger to decrease payroll costs by planning to close all counters and move to machine-only staffing. This is a pursuit of futility. Humans will be needed to fix the machines and the customers will flock to the banks with the highest proportion of human staffing. Why even announce such an aim? It's mad.

Why does it seem that our leaders (captors) are mindless and have disregarded compassion completely?

These are the main reasons TFL / LUL workers are so rightfully eager to strike:
23,000 people, 30% 'minorities', 22% female. Surprising.

Due to the bosses and despite better alternative strategies, 24 hour rotas mean that all staff who were on variable shifts (worked mornings / days and evenings (-1am)) are now forced to work all night - yes, with no choice.

The all-nighter pay is proposed to be exactly the same as days.

With this change, all staff are to be dislocated from their regular close-to-home station and given three or more stations that they 'could' be ordered to go to. Creating more work for everyone, the locations can be up to ten miles away from the employee's residence.

The numbers of human-staffed ticket offices in London train stations are steadily being reduced to less than 20 in the city. There are around 366 stations in London.

TFL has tested new automated-service machines, even on their own staff for 'training' purposes, that will replace them. Until they break.

By 2025, LUL plans to cut 70% of their human staffing...

Realities and proposals untold by our great 'journalists'...

Friday, July 03, 2015

A Fallacy Of Charity

Of course, crisises caused by environmental catastrophes should be financially mended as quickly as possible with donations from as many people as possible, whenever necessary. But…