Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Fear of Never Being Loved - A Man's View

In the paradoxical aim for them to not exist, people don't like to deal with sad issues like these.

My mind wanders to something that I saw whilst surfing one day: the collaged Facebook posts of one pale college teen who was so concerned with his fear of never being loved that he cried for help with candid online posts. He was internationally ridiculed as the man who is 'forever single'. Simply and highly depressing, people look down upon honesty when it isn't coming from a politician.

As a man, I experience love at first sight multiple times every day - except it isn't reciprocated.

People wonder why some men are forcefully over-eager to accost a random woman. We've all seen the guys who try to talk to and bed every woman they see, shouting their introductions. Generally, women hold the power over the initiation of a relationship.

Maybe some of these men are that way because they are deeply desperate to find someone, in the same way that women go on the prowl when they feel unloved. So, they just make rude and unapologetic attempts to make something happen.

Failure is a given, low-confidence is not supposed to be attractive and success is to come eventually.

Therefore, being over-confident and being unafraid of rejection is claimed as the best game plan. As if throwing darts blindly at a dart board will eventually get you a bullseye.. It will, but it may take a million throws. It's just a shame that acting in such an over-confident and unafraid way with the matured opposite sex makes a man so unlikable to nearly every woman.

I fear that I will never be loved because looking desperate never served me well. In this game, it seems I must wait for love to find me.

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