Thursday, April 09, 2015

Experience of EU Funded Higher Education - Snippet

Part of a bloody long story..
After walking up 8 flights of stairs, to reach the fourth floor because none of the three lifts have ever worked, you go into the bathroom to wash your hands and beside you are two hand-dryers.

One has a sign on it saying 'Out of Service' but both of them are not working. Despite "Caution Hot!" signs and soap dispensers, you had to use cold water and no soap to wash your hands.

You then leave the bathroom with wet hands to go into a computer room, where the Internet doesn't work and you are sharing the classroom with another group so that there are two teachers, too many people and words cannot be heard.

At the beginning there was 40, now only 7 remain, I am unsure if I belong here.

My name is on the register but my funding is blocked. It is nearing the 6th month without it, will I finish this ordeal???

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