Friday, May 15, 2015

Does Size Really Matter? A Man View

Women, why do you lie so compulsively?

All men lie for easier lives, is that why you lot do it so much too?
"Yes, because of men.."
Penis size does matter. If a man’s penis can be too small or too big, how does its size not matter?
Stop lying!

If you say: “No!” to the age-old question, what do you mean?

The question is not “Do you need a huge cock to be happy in bed?” or “Would you prefer a man with a small penis?”…

The question is “Does size matter?”.. 
I cannot believe that size is of no consequence, unless sex is not a factor. If sex matters to you, then the size of a penis does matter. If you want a small one, it matters. If you want a functional one, it matters. If you want one that isn’t a waste of time, size matters to you.

Listen to the question.

Does attitude matter? Notice I didn’t say ‘good’ or ‘bad’... I just said ‘attitude’.

They say “It’s about what you can do with it”…

What use is a penis that is too big or painful? What use is a penis you can’t feel?

I do understand that some women are satisfied with the feeling of a man just banging against them.

My cousin at 23.

I also understand (as many don’t want to) that many people love to lie, to others and themselves – and will probably lie about whether or not they are that type of person...

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