Monday, February 15, 2016

Religion Is A Joke (part 15/100)

Hold This L

Sunday, February 14, 2016

1000 Things Black People Hate About Themselves + Why in 2017

It's reasonable. 
There really are many interesting real reasons why 'Blacks' and other 'non-whites' say that "'White' people have better lives" than others and should be happier. WRITTEN BY A 'BLACK' MALE.

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This should be called: 
Things That 'Black People' Shouldn't Tend To Hate About Themselves... or About How 'blacks' feel about themselves being 'black'.
...and it might be painful for some...even though I expect nobody will want to acknowledge or share anything here (you should, if you want to help people understand 'black' issues). If posts / articles like this were shared as eagerly as cat videos and memes, the world would be a different place. Better for most.

Black Parents!!! Do Not Read This!! Turn away now!!.. ... you have been warned...

"I must keep this brief".. "This could be sooooo much longer"


"Do you read?"
"I don't like to.."

Saturday, February 13, 2016

What Really Is 'God'?

Put simply, resultant from reality's applications of the concept, God is a conceptualisation of Goodness occurring. If bad stuff happens, the event is either a lapse in Goodness' control or good in Goodness' judgement, as if for the 'greater good'. 'God' can only be good in activity, because believers would be hopeless if he was not. Therefore...