Monday, July 20, 2015

More Proof That UK's Government Doesn't Care

People looking for housing assistance get given cardboard folders packed with sheets of information intended as guidance.

Still giving out information packs that state on every page: ‘Updated 2012’ at the end of 2014 to members of the public inquiring about housing, the numerous changes and cuts to the housing, benefits and assistance systems that are now in effect aren't even accounted for.

The government expects people to stumble upon these new roadblocks as they go, on the outdated promises of certain funding and services that were actually made completely unavailable last year.

The government doesn't care enough to update the information they give to people in need.

Not telling them that things are actually slightly different and much harder than they were, even if you are a mother with a child, the UK government changes things but doesn't change their documentation of it for more than 2 YEARS.

However, London exists in a fundamentally different state to the rest of England so... I DUNNO.

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