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5 Surprising Factory Findings

SSotl Baybee!!

I have to work in a factory, right now (RIP), secondarily because I am a reject of formal society, unable to find good payment for neither my qualifications or personality.

It's interesting to think of the dynamics seen in these factories. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

A. They exist but have 90% foreign staffing.

The media wants us to believe that our manufacturing is going down. It isn't really (and side long-note: despite the current reliance on human fixes- isn't a machine cheaper than a human worker in the long term, henceforth making manufacturing costs unbounded to regional living standards, because a machine costs roughly the same to acquire and run regardless of where it is used.), they lied to us as they will continue to do.

Fkck you, 'Reader', you don't come here for no dumb shiz, so use your brain.

In my time, I have worked in three factories and all have had the same native / migrant ratio of at least 1/9. Merely interviewing at two others, I found the same dynamic. 

Despite the fact that the interview process always includes an English literacy test, there are many migrant staff members who cannot understand English very well but evidently have passed the test. The tests must have had their answers revealed. I rightfully disallowed such an event at my interview for this current job.

There are plenty of factories, albeit not everywhere, but the English collective doesn't want to work in them.
Another post.....but for now, blame it on the pay / work ratio and acknowledge that there are many other issues, some of which have been mentioned on SSOTL before.

As all have stated so, it seems that these migrants believe that these 'un-skilled' and low-paid jobs are for migrants and not for natives. I have been depressingly told all too many times: "You're English, what are you doing here!?" and "You don't belong here!". Very weird. Do they think that a native should always be earning more money and doing a 'skilled' job?. If not, why on Earth would they think that a few million jobs are just for them?!

B. The dust is highly concerning. Why is the dust blue and green?

C. People will always have sex

Yes, women have opened their legs during shifts in this factory. 

I have only heard of Europeans and Indians opening their legs at work here,  but I am sure all sorts have been getting busy. Stories of public shows on balconies, condoms found, gossip etc. It sure is surprising.

I worked in a residential home for about 2 years, a place with beds, towels and lockable doors aplenty, but didn't once hear of any naughty business.

D. Second class citizen

Outside of standing around chatting to colleagues plopped in other workers' workspaces, the numerous management staff sit down for most of their days, occasionally walking around with papers to do checks with. The regular staff generally have to stand and use their aching bodies for their roles, doing repeated motions thousands of times a shift.

Instead of unifying its staffing management, there is an 'agency' HR team which deals with the lowest tier positions offering zero hour contracts at minimum wage with unfairly frequent last-minute shift cancellations.

Of course, those with the physically easier jobs get paid the most, around twice as much as the regular 'agency' staff, for around half as much work. The 'agency' staff, unlike the other sorts, are forced to wear the same type of company-supplied steel-toe boots.. the crappiest, most painful design on the market. The Curled Toe. 

The low tiers have half hour breaks roughly every 3 hours while the management has a break every hour.

Its actually funny.

The interview process for permanent roles includes an additional aptitude test, not in the 'agency' process, which I haven't yet seen. 
Intel tells me that the test features a question with a correct answer but no specific question, lol.

243 234 324 435 456
278 477 891 435 780
What's the answer to this question?

Anyone who tried to figure that poop out should suspect that the only way to know the correct answer to this poop is to be told it. This implements a pseudo-cultural-fit concept, whereby entry is practically only possible if the applicant is already connected to the circle.

For these reasons, the higher tier staff are 70% 'white' and the management is 95% 'white'. Of course though, there are white migrants - the Europeans - who are helped/allowed to rise up to management rank. An EU migrant will be given supervisory duties within a month of starting with the 'agency'.

There's one particular woman from the management team who has the most piercing Welsh/Scottish accent and tone. If she was black she would have been killed by a schoolteacher.

Meanwhile, all of the many 'engineers' here are male and 9 in every ten of them look like they came from the same family of English dog owners.

E. The hygiene standards are ironic.

The staff are forced to cover all hair, even arm hair, while certain females walk around with skirts on.

2 mobcaps = 1 ninja mask

We are forced to wash our hands when entering the factory floor. However, there are roles which consist solely of continually touching biscuits with bare hands for hours. If you buy any biscuits from this company McVities, look out for fingerprints as all of them have been touched up.

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