Wednesday, May 27, 2015

More Benefits to EU Invasion

I have already spoken about this topic but hey, that was yesterday. Although things are largely the same, I can see more of the picture. The first article referred to under-publicised benefits and featured quite a few words, this one is different..

REASON 1: Hot chicks
Its always nice to have more hot chicks, I see too many men.

REASON 2: A little less racism in the world
These immigrants come from relatively archaic societies where racism is condoned, unchallenged and free to flourish. Their coming here to find less racist understandings, which they then will share with others back at their homelands, will immeasurably decrease the worldwide popularity of racist ideologies.

Despite their odd attempts at self segregation, prolonged experience of life in and as a part of a 'melting pot' will dissolve any inaccurate prejudices and understandings.

REASON 3: More than Half of them pay tax
Taxes being paid is not quite good for our weekly purses but it is certainly good for the public services we all rely on and the living standards of those involved in government.

An increase in taxes paid = an increase in tax money
They want us to think that
more taxes paid = better everything
When a population gets more people and therefore more taxpayers, the increase in tax money is offset and rendered inconsequential  by the increase in demand. The standards of the manifestations from the tax money, such as public services, cannot increase in line with the increase in population and the increase in tax money paid because the previous situation has not been improved, it has only been scaled up.

What actually can increase these standards is an increase in the percentage of the population that is paying tax..

Let whites experience actual equality and nationality-based hatred, which isn't actually racism.

Part of the 'white condition' is the understanding of racial superiority by financial and historical evaluations. Being forced into treating all races equally is a good thing. An unpleasant but remedial thing for them is having to be subservient to a person of darker skin. The resistance is clearly veiled, with acceptance coming at varying periods of transition but the looks of sadness are always joyous to observe.

Although hatred of their sort is not factually racism, they will likely receive it as such. Which is cool..

Another level of diversity
Although the Europeans are much like the Muslims, in that the majority of them self segregate themselves and their families, at least they get drunk (on street corners) and take drugs.

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