Friday, May 08, 2015

About the 2015 UK Election Results

The votes are over, after fully trustworthy people did the tallies by hand and dealt with a system that links our names to IDs and then the IDs to our choices... The people chose to keep the same government that put them through 5 years of hardening hardship and scandalous failures.

The vilified UKIP, who stood most tall for UK's independence from the EU, have failed. Albeit with gains, their positioning was denied by the majority of British voters. Those overconfident in their mental competency blindly accepted the spirited media-smears slapped onto the big parties' competition.

To go with the geniuses who never vote, the highly divided country of England has a myriad of incompatible societal groups at constant opposition and no collective consciousness. The North is completely different, in conditions, conception and complexion, from the South and the cities present a vastly different image of the country to the rural areas.

Australia is huge but only has 20 million people in it and rampant racism.. England is one of the smallest countries on the planet and has 60 million sardines. The (voting) majority of these sardines are unwilling to accept that their country is overcrowded, ignoring in the fear of having to act. All evidence stated by the subsequently insufferable about the dire state of England leads towards EU inclusion being a solvable problem.

But being in the EU 'is good' for business and we get the best kind of immigrants: the great Europeans. Keeping England white and mostly detracting from the lives of the poor, the unparalleled flood of EU migrants were ever so welcome to the real ashbowls in society.

I do tend to think of race a lot but, in this case and the context of politics, race is an interesting variable.

At the start of the night, the BBC forecasted the results and then projected the winning party (in big and bold letters) on a building, proven right in the morning. They then proclaimed "What a surprise!! OMG!".

Everyone in the 60% white England, eagerly confusing nationalism with racism, hoped for and was happy that UKIP failed in their attempt to save England from ruin by independence from the EU.
.......... ........  ........

Meanwhile, in the 95% white Scotland that rests a few hundred miles up north, the distinctly 'nationalist' SNP has won by a landslide, stepping closer to gaining a people-pleasing level of political independence from London's oooohing Apes...

Everyone is happy for them, with no negative commentary to offer.
Other than
"Oh!! UKIP got 3 million votes but only one seat when SNP got 1.5m votes at 52 seats... Durr I don't get it..."
I'm thinking that those 52 seats were small constituencies, compared to England's. It's Scotland, where the political field is totally different to England. Smaller... where the votes mean more.

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