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Religion Is A Bad Joke (part 2/100)

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Where Is The Good Grammar? Do writing Standards Matter Any More?

In English class at a homosexually charged 'grammar' school..

I was taught not to insert a comma before a ‘but’ or an ‘and’...
Also, I was taught to write 'he was neat and tidy. Regularly cleaning..' instead of 'he was neat, tidy. Regularly clea...'

Yet still, I see paid writers/ journalists/ cheekys doing things like this all the time. The editors condone it...

Why Men Haven’t Been Looking At You

{{Applies primarily to life in a city.}}

"Why don't men look at me?!?"

"Why don't you look at men?"

A near undeniable fact of life is that women walk around hoping for men to look at them - better yet: "hope to not go unnoticed".

Many women who are unfortunately saddled with unattractiveness are used to being undesired and not getting admiring stares from men so are fine with not getting that sort of attention. 'Attractive to some' or undeniably hot chicks on the other hand, get annoyed or actually feel sadness if they walk past six men on the street and not one looks at them. It is the old "affirmation of worth" (detailed soon) thing again.

Women are heartily focused on feeling desired -- as men are with being able to provide.

The thing is: 
If it was okay to stare at every attractive woman most (even gay) men would do so-- looking at women all day, every day. But sadly, we can't and, out of respect, shouldn't.


Not only is it seen as 'pervy' and embarrassing but it is rude to many people; a jealous scowling girl who happens to see you, a hater, a sister’s brother. 

A woman in a belly top and skinny jeans will ask "what are you looking at?". A question that one can unwisely answer with a flirty assertion (which would most likely be responded to with an expression of veiled /blatant offence or disregard) or blunt honesty which is never recommended. 

Looking at women is less offensive and received with less displeasure in certain situations (e.g. in a nightclub, at a fashion show or on a beach).

When a man sees an attractive woman wearing tight 'jeggins', a face full of make up with her breasts out, walking like she's on a catwalk, he shouldn't look too blatantly because ironically it seems evident that nobody wants him to. Of course, not everyone should do as they please.

A perusing male must also be aware of the fact that certain women are forbidden from returning one's gaze; it is hopeless and possibly dangerous to attempt to exchange lustful gazes with Muslim women and others with unstable partners.


A major majority of men will not, with sex in minds forefront, look longingly into the eyes of, smile at and/or attempt an introduction with an attractive woman he passes on the street due to experience: nearly all previous unsolicited shows of desire from the average man have been negatively received. 

Some women scream, some try to ignore, some laugh but all end up looking away and disappearing never to be seen again, leaving bad tastes and bruisings behind them. The only men who don't feel like that have had numerous positive experiences when previously looking at or approaching women so are not afraid of another failed attempt at a flirty interaction. Understandably, they are the minuscule minority - even good looking guys want to save their egos.

Often a man will find it difficult to look away from something beautiful that he will never touch or see again. Many men seek easier and less painful lives by never looking at such things.

When involving any kind of interaction, attempts to look at the majority of females are saddening (depressing), consistently bringing light to the fact that in reality the 'perving' male will only have a short list of sexual partners and intimate friendships (opposing his perhaps instinctual desire to have many), most if not all of which will be with less attractive women than those he could go outside to masochistically drool over. 

Negatively received attempts at eye contact will, after a certain point, only give the man even more misery and compound his sadness. As will brush-offs, looks of disgust, embarrassment and ridicule, false 'I didn't see you's' (what we have to do too) and lead-ons.

It is not a confidence issue, it is about being logical and learning from previous experiences. Why would you go somewhere you've never been wanted?

Teenagers are looking older than ever before so caution must be taken when spotting a female at her physical peak, she could be underaged.., making the unknowing observer a "paedophile" by peeping at what appears to be prime beef. You can never be sure, the girl of your dreams that you just saw walking by with her tiny untouched tummy, long height and protruding booty might be 15 and actually up for it.

Despite women evidently wanting to be looked at, the appreciation levels are even more polarised when considering male/female spectators than they are with hot males/ugly guys; most women care more about attention from other women than attention from random males.

So.. Why men don't look at you...
Imagine a huge room filled with gorgeous sports cars. Would you want to be in there if you believed that you would never drive, let alone own, one of those wonderful vehicles or anything like them? If yes, for how long? If no, would you even care?..

"Lady, you aren't worth looking at, I can barely give you a returned greeting. You won't give me anything and i'll just be looking at what I can't have, its painful. Tell me... do you like window shopping?"
"Yes, I do actually"

To finish,
I request that all of you women be nicer to men, all men.. especially if you're available. Things will happen girl..