Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Baby Found in Sewage Pipe WTF

MAY 2013, China Land

A woman gives birth, to a 6 pound baby boy, too poor for abortion despite the many inexpensive options available at various times in the pregnancy,

Thinking of the fateful one-night stand, the lady then vaginally expelled the baby into the toilet and "tried to catch it" but couldn't so it went down the hole.. Someone found a live baby in a pipe, they heard the crying and had to search. I wonder if they heard it hours before they found it, how loud did they turn the TV up?

What kinda toilets have they got over in Eastern China? Ones without U bends?

"So the poor baby just slid down a deep toilet hole and got stuck?"

"Who cut the cord?"

They say the placenta was still attached...

I see a chin!! 

"The public also is very ambiguous over whether you are committing a murder when you kill an infant or abandon it " Sociologist Li Yinhe said.

The story may be worse than what actually happened to the baby.... @)


Monday, May 27, 2013

A Secret Secret of Success

It was said that Albert Einstein only slept for 3 hours a year, which is purist hyperbole. Sure, he was a busy man, with all his projects, but he must have been of truly extraordinary intellect in order for his brain to function so well without any resting time. It was also highly probable that he didn’t have a social life and was the opposite of energetic.

As a youth, I was really good at something special, I knew I was world-class. I was only so brilliant because I'd happily spent 3 or 4 years doing it every single day. I sacrificed many things… whether it was all for something or nothing is irrelevant. I became great out of devotion..

 "You can only succeed at something with time… without it, only being lucky will get you success"

Imagine a champion snooker player gaining great success in his field—how did he do it? He (or she) must have practiced day and night for years; dedicating himself to that particular skill. Would he have been able to do all he did in order to become successful if he had to look after an unwell relative, a child, business or other things of such high priority?

Often, the reason a student fails at school is that he or she has had more ‘important’ things to do other than revise for tests, research and do homework. No, not just partying....

Badly behaved at school, Isaac Newton didn't have parents, many friends or family... all he had was free time and interests.

Why didn't the slaves spend time experimenting for the progression of science? Because they were busy…

Imagine a student, who cannot spend enough time learning, because its friends and family are always stealing its attention, the learning tools are absent and it has to work to not be homeless and hungry... Ok, would you expect to see that student become successful in its studies? Would a student without those setbacks have a harder time studying?

If one desires a good chance of success, one must be obliged to undertake training in all relevant practices at the near complete expulsion of other unrelated activities. One is only capable of executing said notion if one has copious amounts of time to spare and no distractions.

Imagine attempting to focus on something, with something else in your mind... 

"One of my former students, Roland Legiardi-Laura, though both his parents were dead and he had no inheritance, rode a bicycle across the U.S. alone when he was hardly out of boyhood. Is it any wonder that in manhood he made a film about Nicaragua, although he had no money and no prior experience with filmmaking, and that it was an international award winner — even though his regular work was as a carpenter?"
'Why Schools Don't Educate' by John Taylor Gatto

You can't sit around painting, writing, developing, studying or experimenting if you've got lots of business to handle and you shan't be a success at something without doing it all the time.

Basically, this particular secret of success is to not have many obligations or problems to handle; to be free, you need space to grow.

Take this concept further and it can assist in explaining the correlation between wealthy business-focused parents and vocationally successful children.

"To give yourself the best chance of success: disregard family or other things that are unrelated to your goal"

What's the Point in Being Vegan?

I feel pity for these vegetarian martyrs, spending ten pounds on a bag of nuts. It seems most vegans are as such due to sympathy and disgust for the admittedly saddening acres of crying caged birds..

If meat shouldn't be eaten because of animals dying, what will not eating meat do? Will not eating meat stop animals from being killed in their trillions? Are these vegetarians going to the jungle to stop lions from massacring deer? Or spiders killing flies? Have any joined together petitioning to stop the cat killing Asians with a taste for dogs and live monkey brains? NO.. it's a futile act of self sacrifice like following an illogical limitation of a religion.

"Surely, if you are a vegetarian, you'll be eager to smoke a couple blunts"

"Don't act like you don't want something good!"

What are the benefits? The food is more expensive, takes more effort to prepare, looks inedible and is boring (vegans spice up their munch times with experimentation and variety -- a new kind of leaf or a new recipe for homemade flapjacks, its like a lazy mans horticulture, with skew). As well as suitable food purchases being limited, shopping trips are longer because labels need to be examined. Inconveniently and carelessly selfish, at Christmas the cooking has to be done twice, typically by someone else.

From experience, being vegan does not make you healthier: it makes you chubby with bad skin. Humans are carnivores, with physical and chemical traits that predispose them as meat-eaters. To not eat meat is to not be human, as it is to not have an opinion. We are made to eat meat. Not eating meat will damage your body.

A few of the things that vegans are not supposed to eat due to them containing Animal extracts:

(Certain) Chewing gum, ice cream, chocolate, cheese, pastries, crisps, sweets etc. 

What's a real vegan?

I suspect that for some it is an act of superiority; distancing themselves from the meat-eating mouth-breathers who do as they are supposed to. Would vegans be so against animal death and consumption if we (humanity) were, once again, prey? (#and again)

And bottom line, they're missing out: bacon sarnies and lamb chops are some of the few things to live for by natures law. Disagree? Go take ya head for a poop.

Where are my sheep?

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Religion Is A Bad Joke (part 1/100)

Sarah doesn't know how old she is- probably 30- but she is just grateful to be alive...

Her parents were murdered in impoverished Uganda under the terrible regime of the war criminal Joseph Kony. Sarah was kidnapped, beaten and raped. She was then rescued and taken to to Britain, only to be trapped in the sex trade there.

Despite all that, Sarah loves God and her faith has grown..

She does not even know if the British authorities will let her stay beyond next year.. But Sarah firmly believes that Jesus will look after her, wherever she ends up...