Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Governments Force People Into Crime + Poverty

Governments are supposed to support the people they rule over. Actually, the people are supposed to rule over their governments... but oh well, everything is wrong and futile. It's even 'wrong' to say that things are 'wrong'... Everything that is 'right', fair or decent, has opposition that uses superior levels of effort to argue against wishes, dreams and happiness.

Due to govern-mental neglect, individuals are left to be unemployed and homeless. While there are solutions, none are in place. Justice systems continue to serve the rich while damning the poor. Jobcenters do not help people to get jobs. The publications provide propaganda and lies.

Mr Victim has been forced into violently mugging people, stealing and dealing... because despite any of his efforts, he cannot get a job anywhere and would be sleeping on the streets if he was not a criminal. The government gives him no assistance, only the threat of imprisonment. For him under the government's hateful neglect, being homeless is a crime and employment is a factual impossibility.

Governments, fairly, want people to work and governments do not want them to rely on benefits / social security. So, the solution is to make sure everyone is working. Leaving individuals to find work on their own is silly, because too many people CANNOT find work. So, to keep them away from 'benefits' ENSURE THAT THEY HAVE JOBS.

If the government forced a job placement system, homelessness and poverty would not exist. Despite the benefits and plausibility of such a notion, it is fervently denied; Because rich people won't be happy...

This world is a joke... about which, only the heartless can laugh...

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