Friday, June 05, 2015

We Are Owed Employment By Society

What do we go to school for?

I remember having a debate with a naysayer on one of my old blogs.

He was stating that I was deluded to think that, given the lionised formality of educational upbringing, we are all owed an occupation ; a way of legally earning a living in our futures.

For those who try to gain a vocational qualification, the preceding period of schooling determines which vocational qualifications are to be available to an individual. e.g. a bad teenage student being unable to become a doctor, unless choosing to work to save enough money to study again later in life.

If a job is needed to live without imprisonment and in comfort, jobs are as good as mandatory so, in a humanitarian society considerate of that fact, a job should be guaranteed.

Everybody has the option to curtail their studies and go to work - if they can find it - which used to be easy. The deep relationship humanity has with occupation cannot be disregarded. Man will work.. and is supposed to.

"from education to higher education and then employment..."

Those who study are practically guaranteed employment when their person type is acceptable.

I am not a psychiatrist. I smoke crack cocaine, wear wigs and put things inside my anus. I'm also a man. I know very, very little about anything... and forget

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