Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Contactless Payments Coming Up!!! - Diabolical Secrets

UPDATE: It is now 12th June 2014 and there are voice announcements playing on the buses saying "Cash will no longer be accepted on buses"... 

There is no reason for me to lie and there's no reason to not believe this (reverse as appropriate).

"Soo, an insider source has told me that the privatised Transport for London is currently (8/2013) training their staff to work with and administer 'Contactless Payment' scheduled to be in use "by 2016."

"This is great news!!"
They told trainee's that their surveys had proven that there is public demand for such a change.

"Contactless payment" is the scheme of a company receiving payments without any kind of contact with the customers. It is being introduced as forcefully as possible through implementation into the, near unavoidable, public transport systems.

As you walk through a barrier in a train station or onto a bus, your Oyster or paper travel card will no longer be accepted for payment, the cost of fare will automatically be deducted from your bank account, the payee identified by way of a mandatory RF NFC and Internet connected device such as a mobile phone or an inevitably unpopular device created solely for “contactless payment”.

"Sounds mad, I know... but you wait.."

Give me your money (Robot voice)
Is physical money i.e. coins and notes (not gold bars) soon to be a thing of the past?

After private-announcing trains without drivers and the planned closing of all "ticket offices", Is this another dastardly step towards a human-free workforce?

TFL is calling their plan 'Fit For The Future' and it plans to "transform the customer experience across the tube network by simplifying the way stations are staffed"... 

Payment without customer consent is risky business; thieves will be able to, without verification, spend a victims money with a stolen phone without having to sell it first.

The banks never return accidentally stolen money and there will be a lot of it, one must wonder if people will stand for this travesty?

People without bank accounts or payment devices will possibly be refused admission to TFL services and fares can and will be increased incrementally without the consumer's forewarning. Fines will be paid at the end of the working day, many people will find themselves unable to commute and millions of customers will incur extortionate bank charges.

Insider Info..

WTHeck? Revolution.. I’m ready.

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