Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The End Of Manners? Manners Don't Matter

It seems manners are unimportant in most situations.

'They' smoke in public places despite the unlawful nature of the act, talk loudly in public at times of quiet, scream like drunk gypsies as people sleep and are seemingly afraid to smile or show signs of welcoming acknowledgement other than a displeased gawp.

It used to be that if you saw someone pretty much every day, you would eventually converse with them or, at the very least, begin to regularly greet each other. Now people seem to believe that they shouldn’t or don’t need to say ‘Hi’ and, often when you do, they respond with displeased confusion.

“I’m even sadder about feeling miserable to be in England when considering some  of the alternatives.”

Talking to someone in another language whilst in a locale of another tongue and around natives in a non-tourist situation used to be rude. Not any more. In countries where English is the main language, the English speakers have been forced to get so used to other languages that, today, to denounce their public use in public is rude. Office conversations spoken in a foreign language. People are open with their impossible to understand insults and no specific language is a necessity. 

It would be an act of consideration to refrain from communicating in a language that can’t be understood by most bystanders in scenarios where it would indisputably be unnecessary.

People, who evidently have no concern for 'the wider community', litter on a mass scale with no thought for neighbours or pedestrians. They throw out double faeces and urine-stained beds and mattresses on to neighbours doorsteps and throw bags of maggoty rubbish at the bases of trees. Not considerate enough to dispose of large obtrusive garbage by way of using a bin.

"I just don't like what I see....Whaat!"
Do they know about the ‘walk on the left’ rule of traffic control...? I don’t think so, because nearly all passageways are now a confusing free for all. Maybe they weren't taught it at school like I was. "Walk on the Left!!", obviously only in tight spaces. People walk around without order, bumping into eachother with unmistakable intent (mmmmmm!!). Groups of the inconsiderate take up whole corridors and sidewalks instead of making way for others, expecting them to walk in the road or scrape along walls.

Drivers of cars try to run you over, rushing you off the crossing. Not realising that they'll get to their destination faster than you will... so what's the rush?

 And I worry for chivalry; droves of women walk around unaware of the courteous act of a man walking closest to the road on a sidewalk. When I innocently and smoothly sway towards the road side of a pavement, altering a woman's path, intending for her to easily get on the inside of the sidewalk, I don’t think she should get upset or be afraid, scream and run.. Nor try to stay in her lane as if I’m in her way - she was in mine, fudge a sway, I was where I should've been...  

People play their questionable music out loud, whether unpleasant or not is irrelevant, on public transport to the obvious discomfort of other passengers..

This lack of manners, these missing principles of a considerate civilisation, has changed life in the city to a maddening, unconcerned obstacle course. 
That’s enough for now...

“Manner propaganda FTW, let’s go!!”

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