Saturday, January 21, 2017

Communism: Why People aren't Activists

Books for Communists:
'State and Revolution'- V.Lenin
'Blood in my Eye'- George Jackson
'Soledad Brother'

I believe that calls for activism to the commoner are nearly worthless. 

This is because the average 'commoner' is capable of much less than an individual of wealth and influence - and, in the powerful West, people are in unanimous acknowledgement of that.

With that fact, the commoner sees oneself as being of less worth than their alternatives; rich people.

One rich person could provide more charity than a million poorpers.
One rich person could be more influential than a million suffering martyrs.

The commoners perceived insignificance of themselves, in the context of charity and activism, results in their absence.

Unity, what would afford the commoners more influence than any wealth could provide, is perceived as an implausible impossibility.

Therefore, calls for activism to the commoner go 99.3% unanswered.

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