Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Without White People We Wouldnt Have These Things (Syc)

These are most/all of the things that moronic racists, even unknowing ones (most people), believe that we would all be without if ‘white’ people didn’t exist.

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Chemistry                                                       Advanced Math / Physics + Algorithms

Civilisation                                                     Photography

Processed Food                                               Peace

Toilet paper                                                     Psychology

Electromagnetism                                           International Events

Technology + Nano iterations (Fridges, Planes, Microwaves, Washing Machines, Internet. Etc.)

Democracy                                                      Space (in general) ;)

The more reasonable deduction is that all of these areas of understanding and other things above are inevitable developments. Their experimental discovery and progressive utilisation is a result of an industrial-academic culture being undisturbed and henceforth allowed to evolve. This academic / intellectual culture is one that can be employed to great benefit all over the world, that’s why it seems like such a gift.

The fact that ‘whites’ were the ‘leading’ bearers of technological development between the 15th and 20th centuries does not mean that they were the only ones who would have been able to do what was done. Besides, they weren’t. People of all nationalities contributed to the impressive technological and scientific developments of the past few centuries. Honestly, the highly applauded work of the great mathematicians, such as Euler, Euclid, Gauss, Archimedes, Fermat and Newton, could have been (and was) done by anyone with enough interest, resources, focus and self-belief. Ramanujan (1887) is surely proof enough.

Involved in this equation of person-based development were (and are) things other than a fantasy superiority gene in ‘whites’... too many to mention here. Any ‘people type’ that was able to industrialise their society, those without wars and without carelessness for academia, were working on advanced scientific conjecturing of some sort.

The argument can be made that ‘whites’ were the catalyst for increased development, but it would have to account for cultural, political and ecological differences which would self-defeat the ulterior argument of intrinsic superiority. 

Another argument seems more revealing; The development of anything is incremental so - at later points in time, the rate of growth grows to dwarf previous rates, ‘whites’ came 'on top' at a good time in the road of human understanding. Documented discoveries, in an old-historical context, should not be relied on to determine the true time of discovery, just the documented time. Of course, our records are better today.

I’ll end there… Get on top of things. Understand what is untold. Like they did...

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