Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Asians Are Not As Smart As People Advertise

Only on SSOTL.. as per usual. Hate to only touch the surface but I gotta.

People love to act like Asians are intellectually superior to other races people types. With the positive stereotype of the superiorly intelligent Asian, 90% of Asians feel left out by their economic status and mental self-evaluations.

People like to confuse having money with being smart as if: Money=Intelligence... I'll do that here.

Some of the things that help Asians to be financially / intellectually successful:
  • Social Isolation.
  • Strict parents with or without money who understand the environments needed for effective child-rearing.
  • A cultural history without intellectual inferiority.
  • Beneficial relations.
  • Positive stereotypes: A superiority complex wrought from their applied stereotype.
  • Myopic attitudes to life and living.
  • ...
The reality is that the majority of Asians are actually 'unsuccessful' and not rich. China has 1.3+ billion people, most of whom are not actually rich or 'successful'. In the 90's, over half of China's population was below the 'poverty line' but now, probably due to genuine caring and logical governing of gains, less than 10% of the population is 'poor'. 

However, the cost of living over in hi-tek China is around 930 dollars a month, barely enough to cover a month's rent in the US. India's population is around 20% poverty stricken. They are supposed to be smarter but their states don't reflect that notion.

Regarding Asian-national migration to western areas - finance and intelligence gains passage as much as asylum today, unlike inner-European migration, about half of the new citizens from these regions are proven to be somewhat smart or gifted. 

This paradigm paired with the 2nd and 3rd generation communities, energised by cultural stability, unrestrained intellectual ambition and positive stereotypes, produces sections of societies that generally appear to be 'not stupid' by having the least rich ('intelligent') the least seen (great summary), enigmatic cultures and consistently comparable educational and business achievements. something like everything i could elaborate on...

I could go into a exhaustingly mind-melting statistic binge to 'prove' a whole load of stuff.

I'll leave that, but add that in most countries, ignoring those of the highest GDP pc PPP, there is not room in the system for any more than about 15% of the population to be superior-intellect-proving successful, regardless of the fact that everyone can be smart about something. 

80% has to be 'bottom-feeders'.

Even if one is mentally capable there is a 4:1 chance that they won't make it to 'the top' or even anywhere initially desired. A higher chance than I thought... Not everyone can win. You knew that. 

When you lose out on something, you have won something else. No, not a loser award - but another opportunity.

I wanted to say, practically every single East-Asian tourist or fresh-migrant that I have seen or met, even though they were wealthy enough to be in London, were not intelligent enough to contemplate a traffic light system and the un-signalled crossing of roads. They (all) stand there like robots, looking at the light and not the car-free road at either side. Uniformly waiting without initiative.

What's to stop a car from running a red light?

Crossing without a look at the road.

The characteristics on show in those particular scenarios are not representative of any higher intelligence, valuable time is wasted and risk is not directly / optimally assessed. The real stupid aspect of this practice is that these wealthy 'superior-intellect' people have never considered how a highway traffic light system has to function - without human influence. Despite Google. 

Pressing the button only causes a wait sign to light up, telling them to wait for what? The time left. If nobody presses any buttons, will all the lights stay green? If every button is pressed, will all of the lights turn red? Don't tell me the answer please.

Each metropolitan traffic light system works as a part of what? A system.

North Korea..........

I remember an old statistic binge I did once, where I found out that, in probably 2012 or 2011, the 'black' students at Oxford and Cambridge Universities averaged a 30% or so first-pass rate, above Middle-East + Asian students, but I think not Chinese. Yeah, you do it, I do too much.. 


They are not smarter than you by default... they might be better students though.

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