Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Religion is a Joke (part 9/100)

Without defining your expectations.. your faith-system God and your religion is a Failure. Don't worry, they all are.

A British pound is worth more than the life of a child in poverty. Only 12% of the British population regularly gives to charity.

The British government, using money from taxpayers at the same time as proposing to deny homeless teenagers any assistance, spends 100,000,000 pounds (yes, 100 million GBP) per year on keeping 20 British 'whites' with self-induced kidney-based terminal illnesses alive and in hospital for the rest of their lives.

A billion every decade, spent on keeping 20 'whites' alive. In a country where 35% is not 'white' and poverty is a reality.

So, once again, it seems that God loves 'white' people the most.

Meanwhile, poverty, a force that is indisputably more powerful than any religious entity, influences mothers and women to wish human trafficking and prostitution on their young.

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