Tuesday, June 09, 2015

4 Reasons European Immigrants are More Employable

Another oddly formatted post on immigrants... 

Why do the European invaders seem to find getting jobs easier than the rest of us? Every single company has the room to employ a European but not for another 'low-class' native. 

No Family
Oh! how being away from home can allow you to function with less distractions. 
It takes a lack of ambition and people-to-please to happily work in a dead end, robotic role at a 'not-enough' minimum wage for thirty years. Only certain people of certain lifestyles can allow themselves to continuously work for or more than 9 hours a day 5 days a week. So, with you disagreeing, it is wrong for someone to not want to be at 'the bottom' forever. 
Working your lifetime away is not too bad when you’re away from your loved ones, alone in a foreign land. The expectation of acceptance of shit work terms, paired with the ability and willingness to make oneself a slave to an asshole, is one thing that makes Europeans more employable.
Higher Expectations
This is basically about stereotypical superiority, it can be linked with the previous (first) point and the last. The same thing that makes ‘blacks’ ease into physical roles, gets Europeans into de/constructive hard-labour, the giving of ladder-step technical jobs to Asians more likely, ‘white’ men into positions of paradoxical responsibility and women into organisation-based roles.
SoSickOf "Europeans are harder workers"... That is such bull and was sadly provably created by the media.
Uncheckable Histories
Getting in the door is all you need, most roles can be understood without prior-experience in little more than a day. Lying about one’s past, in job interviews, is done on some level by everyone.
Natives’ employment histories are generally restricted to the region and are mandatorily checkable, meaning that natives can only use the slightest of lies in most job application processes. 
If you could say absolutely anything and not have it checked, you would. Immigrants can and do. Raising their employability a little more higher than that of the natives.
Lower Standards Of Living
I once knew of a guy who was being hired to labour for a ‘friend’ who was paying him £25 a day, letting him stay in his house to absorb the suckage of that waging. I also knew a girl who worked 6 days a week to have £30 a week to play with. I also knew a girl who travelled for 4 hours every work day, £20 there and back for £180 a week. They were all immigrants. Natives generally have families to impress so won't settle for inobscurable crapness in employment.
Those who are satisfied with these ugly rewards will continue to work those roles to full capacity and requirement. Others, who have more respect for themselves, are actively pursuing a better future and will not settle for such offensive employment terms. Correlating nicely, the demographics that have higher average ambitions and employment condition baselines will also have lower shit-job adherence and interest. You will not do something you immeasurably hate good.
The majority of all people share houses, let alone just immigrants. Shit-pay is fine for a shit-living low-rent situation. The shitter your job, the shitter your life is. The shitter your living situation standards, the shitter your financial requirements. The shitter your life and expectations of it, the shitter you’ll accept. Immigrants FTW, the shitter experience you’re satisfied with, the more you don’t spend and have left over.
The complexity of such issues is what makes them so difficult to grasp and, therefore, agree on.
Let me not write about certain demographics common reliance on something illegal and overpriced...
In addition to our inactive societies and governments, it’s actually poor people who have some power too. They provide an accepting baseline for employment, enabling employers in whichever new low they introduce. Like counterless shops. Whats that hashtag.
“There will always be…” 

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