Tuesday, September 09, 2014

British Fear Factor Challenges

Impotent British television needs Fear Factor.

However, to do the same thing would be plagiarism. We've had I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here and the 'wild challenge / quiz' variants, which were all less disgusting than Fear Factor. One thing is for sure, these shows have no respect for animals.

Imagine a show that took things further, instead of just mix things up...

Pay me nigga (seriously, I could make a show great) I have so much untapped potential (but nobody should care).

Gross Champ (BBC)
Each round the weakest competitor (or two) is eliminated. The winner of the final round is rewarded with a prize.
The show could be live and benefit from viewer voting concerning tasks where contestants are judged on performance.

Task a
The contestants must eat 10 bogey balls with rotting king cockroaches inside. Fastest wins.

Task b.
Each contestant must lie submerged in a bed of assorted spiders. There are many living little spiders and many dead big ones but only one big tarantula that is alive. The contestant must find and then eat the huge live tarantula with the hair, bones and shell needing to be consumed. Fastest eater wins.

Task c.
Eat a frozen human feces and urine ice cream, with toe jam (under toenails) sprinkles. Fastest eater wins.

Task d.
Lick a homeless mans body for 60 seconds. Judged on performance. (The homeless men are paid)

Task e.
Suck a fat mans farts through a tube attached to a face mask. Best suited to one on one battles. The last person still willing to breath in farts wins.

Task f. 
Lay inside a dissected cow and eat a specific organ, the fastest eater wins.

Task e.
Drink a pint of spit. Fastest drinker wins.

This list could be expanded, but you get the point. Make this show, but pay me first.

My kind of entertainment

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