Friday, May 23, 2014

Is It Too Late For UKIP To Do Anything?

Despite the lack of a fully-fleshed and multifaceted proposal, UKIP have picked up support seemingly solely due to the validity and resonance of their main argument; that of the negative effects of immigration.
It seems that the populace believes that the issues UKIP consistently relies on (immigration and the EU) are the most important as of now, rewarding UKIP with roughly a 30% share in the 22/05/14 'local election' constituency votes.
If UKIP is to provide the main populace with what they are wishing the party would provide for their votes, their governmental reign must result in:
  • The UK leaving the EU completely or having limited ties similar to those of Switzerland. Mandatory
  • The majority of European and other economic migrants (not asylum) being deported, freeing up millions of jobs, services and resources. Mandatory
  • UK's borders and immigration policies being changed to ensure that traversal is extremely exclusive, finally only allowing 'a trickle'. Mandatory
  • Possible implementation of priority system for public services such as NHS, housing, benefits and job acquisition.
These points would be proved with a psuedo-democratic referendum that allowed the population to define and vote for exactly what they really want to happen with their country.
"We want Idi Amin!!"
If these things are not to be executed, what did people vote UKIP for? The 4 things above are needed in order for the political and social ailments that have been wrought by the ConDem crew and immigration to be truly cured. 
Everything will stay the same as it is now; all or most of the problems voters have now will remain after UKIP takes office, due to such challenging tasks.
I think it is too late and that not all of the 4 aforementioned notions will become reality. If the party does get to lead (which they wont) UKIP will disappoint the public's expectations, fading away in the next general election with a furore of discontent.



Monday, May 19, 2014

Proof Amazon Seller Ratings Arent True

One of the main selling points for online sales platforms is the availability of customer feedback. People think that if a merchant is bad, the unsatisfied customers will give them a bad image.

Instead, Amazon lets it's sellers filter out undesirable customer reviews.

Abstractly, because a negative list of reviews is resultant of honesty from the seller, a positive list of ratings and reviews can be seen as a sign of a company being untrustworthy.