Sunday, April 21, 2013

Bum-out baggy jeans fashion? WTF

People don’t realise that there are actually reasonable reasons behind the annoying practice of people wearing low-sagging jeans, with their asses exposed, that you're tired of seeing on the streets with these young people trying to act bad and cool like G's n' all dat.

The usual reasons given for this are either the well-shared action of gay men in prison selling their asses and advertising the fact by having their panties showing, that it's "cool n' popular" or that “it’s what the gangsters do”..I'm not sure who was the first person to wear that style with high publicity, but there were many rocking it for less fashionable reasons...

Many people are too poor too own new trousers,
if I’m not mistaken it started with the youths,”
the ones who owned and wore the same clothes for years after they grew out of them and had to wear ‘hand-me-downs’ that looked too short when pulled up above the waist. 

I remember “jack-ups” – old trousers that had legs ending above the ankles. The only alternative to embarrassment was to pull them down to make them reach the top of worn shoes and look close to normal..the short trousers then looked long enough but the backside was uncovered…That coulda been where it started..

Another possible reason for this is,
"Guess the caption"
if I’m not mistaken this started from the “black” people before the 90’s,”
body shape differences.
Negro people typically have posteriors that have superior protrusion and genital packages that are relatively big. Try and pull old fashioned 90’s standard boot cut jeans up above the waist on a “black” man—it will not be very comfortable for him, they were not made to ‘his’ specification, not enough space is there.. so more had to be made by pulling the trousers down.

"I don't like getting a hard-on from walking.."

Also, a protruding bottom on a clothed man was and is seen as undesirable to some (and the self-concious) so pulling trousers down could have been used as a way to hide ones asssesese.

As a pair of jeans ride low with the waistband up against the hips, instead of resting on top of them, left to hold on against gravity and movement, they gradually end up below the buttock, exposing the cheek. 

It’s unavoidable, a belt won’t help when trousers are (un)secured around something soft instead of hanging on hips. Obviously, really defiant fashionistas will stupidly pull their trousers down to just above the knees due to trying to be extra special and different.. for many, I can imagine its comfortable…

I feel uncomfortable talking about this any more… There are many reasons for people wearing this style. 

To summarise, the overly saggy pant trend could have begun with a need for comfort, not simply pure stupidity— However, now it is simply unnecessary and somewhat idiotic.

Also people have been wearing baggy clothing for millennia so stop hating...

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