Thursday, March 28, 2013

People Keep Hating All the Time

Everywhere you go it seems most people are against you

With their own unreasonable excuses to dislike and sabotage your business

Nobody wants to suffer for anyone else

If we were all more respectful to eachother, respecting basic human rights and believing in mandatory, universal equality relating to all terms of division-- would we not all be happy?

It used to be that a person was all about others
now its aaall about you-- and those you need to use.

What the world needs more of is... compassion

imagine, if it was against the law to not show compassion

to not be fair...
to not help a victim of crime or accident......

If even just the fear of punishment was there, everything would be different and better for all around the world.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

7 Ways Women Are Better Off Than Men

  1. Women are, by default, cared for by men who work, forfeit and suffer for them 
  2. Women are able to change their image and still be attractive, for men the room is narrow
  3. It’s okay and expected for women to be selfish and conceited, pushing and testing their men
  4. Women have a much higher chance of getting parental custody in the courtroom
  5. Women can have arguments in the workplace without getting fired
  6. Women can freely perve over males, even innocently saying under-age boys are “cute”
  7. For women, refraining from the opposite sex (homosexuality) is completely desirable

Women have all the rights men do but with a few additions e.g. Enhanced right to privacy and right of way. There is no right a man has that a woman doesn’t.
Also, women have the beautiful experience of childbirth.
Also, women are predisposed to being capable of being in full control of their loyal men.


Saturday, March 09, 2013

God and Dark People (quickie) Islam

To whoever acknowledges referral

If God made me in his image?

Why are you a racist?

Why dont you believe that all men are equal?

Friday, March 08, 2013

Do English People Hate England?

if not, then why are they allowing it to deteriorate and fall

Allowing millions of scrounging foreigners into the country, almost welcomed. Rejecting and ignoring the cries of those born here to regain the control and ability to improve this country. Proclaiming that their own English people are lazy and unskilled.