Friday, November 20, 2015

Influence Conundrum / Paradox

Can I call this concept by my own name, the Ruby Paradox?

Standard: A system made up of entities that have their acceptance of objects reliant on the acceptance of said objects by peers - is paradoxical.

Extending this into reality, acceptance and adoption of an object (notion, product etc.) is dependant on whether or not people already accept it.

The paradox unfolds when one considers that if a new thing is claimed liked by the first few of its distributed judgements - by whatever incentive - the trajectory of the response to the 'new thing' by others is reliably aimed towards it being liked - and vice versa. That should be worrying, considering what seems 'right', as the first few judgements may be innacurate or biased - leading to the majority of others being wrong in their ill-conceived judgments.

For the most part, people will only allow themselves to like things that are similar or close to things that are already accepted by their chosen peers.

Meaning that: true originality, in the purest imaginable sense, is doomed to be denied until normalcy becomes closer to it.

And... The launch conditions of anything determine its direction, regardless of where it is pointed.

Reality truly is a bitch...

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