Thursday, November 19, 2015

Racist App for Oxbridge Foreign Students

I get it, racism is bad. It is also something incapable of being given an agreeable definition. I found this app on the Google Play Store.

I don't know much about the TOEIC, TOEFL and IETLS tests, but they are something to do with finding out how much a foreigner wants to integrate into British society. If only they had these tests for all immigrants.

British and international history tells all of us that there is something racist about likening darker skinned foreigners to monkeys, due to the attribution of inferior intellect or evolutionary status with the likening. 

British upper-classes likening foreign students to monkeys may not be unequivocally racist but it is racially insensitive - And Undeniably Intentional due to the virtually universal knowledge of the concept. 


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