Monday, August 17, 2015

Can We All Just Be Nice?

Not dissimilar to how we rely on alcohol to be unrestrained or religion to be mindful, even though we could do so without. Whether its money, relationships or sex, people need a reason to be nice.

What! … Why can’t we just be nice? Oh, yeah, conflicting interests.
But, you have a choice over being an A-hole or not, there is compromise.

"But what for!?"

Isn’t it funny how an A-hole will become nice to you if you befriend them, yet still be an A-hole to others? It’s even funnier to acknowledge that all of us are these A-holes to some people.

Some people are greedy A-holes, only ever interested in their own gain, others are benevolent – making sacrifices for the benefit of others. Detrimental to their finances, reputations, time and other properties, these benevolent people and their humanitarian acts can be seen as evidence to support God. Without these benevolent people, God and faith would have little claim of validity. With only greed, despite the presence of religious ideals, there would be absolutely no possibility of an omnipotent God of Goodness being plausible. But instead God would be the Devil.
I hope you don’t disagree. You should know by now not to.
It is so easy to be proven wrong, when you’re not right.
Agree. Not here to be nice…
Of course, people ride along on both sides of the road to death. It’s just that everybody has a general affinity to one or the other. The advertised virtue is that being selfish is the only way to success. I believe that both ways (selfless/selfish) can garner success and, more importantly, happiness.

Desire is the root to greed, when desires are insatiable and have negative effects… there comes greed.
So simple.

Success can come from generosity... yes, but not so simple.

The problem is: A system in which everybody is greedy, without cases of selfless benevolence, cannot function to any standard of fairness. Everybody is distanced by selfishness and nobody sacrifices, a concept that could only be practical to a system that involves everybody on the same level, but we know that is never the case with organic dynamics.

With people in various and varying states, common selfishness can only result in the opposite of whatever is best for people and individuals. Which is as stupid as you should expect from sheepish monkeys, that which we are predisposed to be.

If everyone shares, everyone can get what they want - if they aren't greedy.

However, if everyone is generous, oooooh – loads of people could be free-loaders, professional tramps everywhere. That’s where understanding of greed and pride come in, with a large serving of balance.

Greed is bad, pride is good but can be bad, the balance comes from benevolence. One and all can be proud to be benevolent and selfless.

Of course, one must also be in a position where such generosity is viable, which is certainly lower than your greedy self would think. Bartering (Currency) is not something to be against, but I think we should also be for Goodness... to humans and animals and everything.

"I'm just pissed cos I wish some other strangers would take some of my burdens away."

Imagine a world were ‘I was just being nice’ was a valid excuse for being late to work.

Though I'm also a culprit - It is oddly disgusting how people only protest for the issues that affect them and won’t give twenty pennies to a social reject / momentary rock-bottomer who is homeless and in need, yet pay some clothing company 1200% profit and burn a day’s wages on a few drinks.

Communism, whatever...

Written to Meet Me There 2014

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