Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Why Ugly / Unattractive Girls Dont Go For Hot Men

Picture Precious (for a moment please)

For those who don't know...

Often I have fancied someone undesirable (fat chick, old chick, weird looking chick, ugly chick) but refrain from any expression of that fact due to this understanding: undesirable chicks don't believe you (Mr Actually Hot) will stay with them or treat them right so to protect themselves from not realising impossible dreams they decline from the establishment of any kind of intimate relationship.
As a good looking guy, be cautious making a proposition to a woman who is much less attractive than you are. If she happens to fancy you she will probably reject you, not because she doesn't want you but because of the fact she reasonably doesn't trust you and that her rejecting you will help her self esteem / ego.
These 'unattractive' women ignore all the good possibilities and focus on the negative probabilities.
“Lady, I ain't gonna stay at your house freeloading”
In such cases where it looks as though an intimate experience with a specific woman would be largely uneventful and unsatisfying, an expression of interest is never earnestly given by any man, regardless of the woman's social level of visual beauty.
“Lady, I ain't gonna cheat, ill leave you..”
They allow their low personal issues and odd logic to stop themselves from having pleasant, beautiful and memorable experiences that could deplete some of their misery and build up their self-esteem and satisfaction level of life.
The old saying goes "ugly girls have the best personalities". If that is accurate and practiced, why don't they understand that their personalities are what hot guys would likely be interested in and fall in love with?..

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