Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Why Is Long Term Marriage Such An Achievement?

At the 50th anniversary for an old couple still in love, their grand-daughter delivers a rousing congratulatory speech...
“These two staying together for this long deserves a medal, its such an achievement”Why is such a thing seen as an amazing achievement?It could be that the portrayal of such a scenario sends viewers a universally positive message: that of the value of monogamy and loving someone enough to be satisfied by them for 50 years. Therefore its inclusion in the dialogue of modern society would be unquestionable.

Maybe its because modern society is so fixated with sexual experience and indulgence that, to the majority of people, a life spent with only one person is a logically unattractive prospect. That could serve to explain the 'regular response' of awe; It is so surprising.

A fact of life is: “You only live here once, experience as much good stuff as you can”. These 50-year-strong couples can actually be pitied, for limiting themselves and/or for enduring dissatisfaction for 50 years.

Wow!!”.. “And you neither of you cheated? Not even once?

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