Friday, January 31, 2014

Please Pornstars! Have Some Standards


Why Most Men Watch Porn

Pornography is media of a sexual  orientation, intended to arouse.

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

A New Job Application Paradigm

I’ve been thinking... (ooh, don't hurt yourself)

With the decrease in opportunity and probability of getting a job, so should the level of effort that an applicant should be expected and have to put in to an application – or at least the average one.

This notion seems actively considered as many of the now mandatory online application processes have been shortened; from the discouraging 15 page inquiry of yesteryear to a quick couple of clicks.

Employers don’t even read CV’s anymore: they either send them through a computer keyword search which randomly picks 5 or so interviewees out of a suitable 100 (I know..), give the digital toilet paper to HR groups who only look at a CV for 2 seconds before deciding whether or not to punch a hole in it.

They don’t really have a choice though, because, now, one supermarket job can get a thousand applicants...

Saturday, January 04, 2014

The One Problem With Eastern Europeans


From 2012 but still applies
I genuinely love any and every person who is welcoming of knowledge, pleasant and honourable, be him/her pink, brown, orange or yellow, dark or light. I am a fair and pragmatic person, who loathes racism, but I and many others are being inclined to have a problem with the "European invasion" that is happening right now, particularly in England.

Hey WTF Music Business

The music industry is in a state of emergency: file sharing, youtube and streaming media capturers have rendered recorded music as free, genres are more than plentiful and with the increased ease of music production there are more music makers than ever before. There are literally 50,000 rappers out there now who can REALLY write better verses than 50 Cent, Lil Wayne or Eminem.

Will Reading Make You Smarter?

You know the type: up themselves, well spoken, calm and always with a book. Are they as smart as they think they are? Is a book-reader automatically more intelligent than couch potato or someone who's book-shy?

What Is / How To Be Posh?

note: To be posh, just speaking a certain way is not enough; 'poshness' is a combination of things, one can pretend to be posh by way of speech but the truly posh all have a set of traits in common that are unusual for the majority. A person must reflect at least 8 of the 10 characteristics and attitudes detailed below to be certified as posh.

Can We Leave The EU Please?

Reported amount of deficit debt
£80 Billion+

Amount England gave to the EU :
£19 .7 Billion+

Amount England saved with all the nasty budget cuts :
£6.2 Billion-

Percentage of all Alcohol Tax paid in the EU that comes from the UK

Ratio of new jobs given to European and other immigrants :

Conservative reported UK unemployment figure
2.56 Million+

Amount of Europeans freely migrated into the UK since 2007
15 Million+

Being tied to the EU limits a country from trading freely and fairly.

The country with the richest people (av.) in Europe is also the one with the least ties and bindings to the EU; Switzerland.

WE NEED TO LEAVE, sorry.... thanks, the food was great....

WTF "Nigga/Nigger" Clarification

from 2012
"Relax please, I am in no way saying that all 'white' people are racist, relaax!!"


please share, if you got the balls..

I feel this clarification needs to be put out there, the subject of the word 'nigga' and its modern usage comes up endlessly in conversation and invariably ends in disagreement. This is the fairest sum-up of this issue that I can present to you; the culmination of years of experience, conversation and contemplation.  The difference is not that hard too understand. The question now is... What is the difference between 'nigger' and 'nigga'?

I hope that this article (and this one) will be used by many to end *or prevent* disputes without losing friends...

 "Why can't we say nigger too?"

For when insightful logic is absent: Its simple, kinda. The word 'nigger' was created by racists, was used in heinous acts of racism and has a devaluing effect on its victims (not only due to the attribution given to 'dark' or 'black'.......). Some say that it's inspiration was Niger, meaning it's a mispronunciation whereas others say it originated from the word 'Ngu' for God, the Latin/Spanish word for Black or 'Negus' for Ethiopian King and others say blah, blah......nobody actually knows.

What's for sure is: Black people weren't calling themselves 'niggers' before europeans did. Also, they weren't identifying themselves as 'black' in any of the hundreds of African languages.

The term holds much weight: conjuring up images of hatred, hardship and pain, beautiful raped-pregnant 'black' women strung up in ropes before an ecstatic 'white' crowd to have their beige and brown babies cut out of their bulbous bellies and stamped on to cheers (think I'm exaggerating?) placated by the misconception of the victims sub-human inferiority.

A white person saying the word 'nigger' outside of a quotation context is always going to be weird. The issue that is capable of having it's validity in question is the 'black's' usage.

The young "black's" usage of the n-word, today, is to devalue its conversion; to invalidate its old meaning and diminish its imprint on the psyches of the afflicted. 

Its replacement (nigga) is now used by non-racist users as an expression or a term of neutral reference granted to any person of any skin tone, with no negative connotation outside of the context it is used in.

In text, 'nigger', instead of 'nigga', being written identifies the racist intent of the author.

When any non-'black' people use it in jest or as insult it is unacceptable, a derogatory word born of racism by a specific race that in an advanced, "diplomatic" and civil anti-racism society should never be said by that race. Used as an insult, by any race, it is converted by context into 'nigger'.

I know it may be confusing..
If 'nigger' is only to be used to describe darker skinned people, it IS now racist.
If 'nigga' is NOT only used exclusively to describe a person-of-colour, it now ISN'T racist. (the use of the word with negative connotations or as a curse or insult to a 'non-black' is also racist.)

"The intended meaning determines the variation used (nigger/nigga)."

Obviously it would be best for everyone to just not use the word at all but unfortunately, it's too late and we aren't that kind of species; In the same way that we all laugh and cope with impending, unmovable death by dwelling upon it, compulsively digesting stories and images of killing, laughing in its face and making the most of life, we flip it..... 

I hope WE (each socially upheld skin-tone division united) can progress peacefully with the unbearable imbalance provided by a term that's free use is limited to only one race. The balance, as always, is there: 'black guys can't have fringes! I lying?!' :)

For the really smart:
This is a pejorative term's amelioration. "LOOK EM UP!!" Don't deny 'blacks' the ability to do what others can and have. I'm talking to you, 'black' people, too.

"I shall not speak on 'hood-passes"

'White' people in movies need to stop using the word 'Nigger' in their craps, the excuse being 'authenticity', what do we all stand for again? Answer: not racism.

If we are wanting to show and see authentic, damaging, offensive and detracting renditions of moments of racism from now and then, then the flipside of the present and historical coin should be imposed and represented too; the positive side, as balance, both fictional and factual.

Glorifying racism and the use of racist slurs by those such as Tarantino and Scorcese is not simply an innocent show of immature liberation; why are there no mainstream films that relentlessly insult 'caucasians'?(yeah, i know, the 'white market' argument).

Why are there no pre-colonial 'black' history movies? All we see of our past is post-slavery as if what came before is of no relevance (it isn't?.. Oh, I'm sorry..).

"Why are there no Asian-American leads?"
"Why are there so many fake blondes?"
"Why are nearly all of the 'hot' black girls light with small noses?"

You would be stupid not to acknowledge that Hollywood and cinema has a huge influence over the world. Pop-culture is an international concept and spreads/moulds consensuses for ideals and understandings. I'm happy things are getting better on that front...

Even though racism is literally stupidity, in many circles and cultures it is mandatory, a standard practice seen as fair and rational. This un-negotiated re-branding of the term 'nigger' serves to negate the terms negativity.

I digress wildly...

The bottom line is "Why should you ever want and be able to use the word 'nigga'?" a question to which the only current acceptable answer is: "Because it's part of my culture and its use isn't meant to offend" which is fair enough, but whether it does *offend* or not is another matter... Nigga and Nigger, not the same, Sorry love.

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