Thursday, December 05, 2013

Money Can Buy You Happiness

People say that money cant buy you happiness...

Think of it like this (way, if you must)
Earlier on I walked into McDonalds and a super hot 30 something chick was working there. She saw me as I saw her. 

Imagined that she felt sad about her situation and would therefore be eager to escape it. Ordering my food, I couldn’t take my eyes off her, her big belly looked highly squeezable. I sat down and began to eat the first of my burgers. 

The hottie came over to my area and started cleaning up, talking with an elder man. All the while she maintained eye contact with me and we played a silent game of tease the interest. Walking past me ever so closely, almost slowing her pace to stay in my personal space, she walked over to the table opposite and bent over steadily, pushing her bottom out towards me. 

She spent a long time on cleaning that table; about 20 seconds to be precise, ten too long. She turned around and walked past me sending a smile.
I had to stand up and go.

See now if I had a stack…We'd have had this conversation
“So shall we go?”
We would have had a great time and both of us would've been happy. She would have been able to do anything she wished.

Money is needed to do pretty much everything... without it, the inability can provoke sadness.

So with that example: Money can make you happy.

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