Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Baby Found in Sewage Pipe WTF

MAY 2013, China Land

A woman gives birth, to a 6 pound baby boy, too poor for abortion despite the many inexpensive options available at various times in the pregnancy,

Thinking of the fateful one-night stand, the lady then vaginally expelled the baby into the toilet and "tried to catch it" but couldn't so it went down the hole.. Someone found a live baby in a pipe, they heard the crying and had to search. I wonder if they heard it hours before they found it, how loud did they turn the TV up?

What kinda toilets have they got over in Eastern China? Ones without U bends?

"So the poor baby just slid down a deep toilet hole and got stuck?"

"Who cut the cord?"

They say the placenta was still attached...

I see a chin!! 

"The public also is very ambiguous over whether you are committing a murder when you kill an infant or abandon it " Sociologist Li Yinhe said.

The story may be worse than what actually happened to the baby.... @)


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