Sunday, July 19, 2015

What Smoking Weed Really Does To You

A Smoker's View
Marijuana causes the head to feel heavy and the smoker to think and move differently.

Instead of slowing down brain activity, being high puts the mind into an alternate state. Nearly all inveterate character functions existent in the subject’s sober state are replaced by logical deductions of increased abstraction. Which can be beneficial.

Considering the increased number of possible brain calculations at each case with abstraction, in terms of results but often not consecutively, any perceived slowness in activity is simply a result of distraction by enhanced thought patterns.


As opposed to alcoholic inebriations, where thoughts of inhibition are made less convincing, being high on weed allows the smokers mind to act with the only restraint being the subjects’ logic. You are a better, more considerate and safer person high on cannabis instead of drunk.

If alcoholic effect fuelled actions had a result on the progression of a world and its societies, which they do and have, would the results not be better if that leading fuel of alcohol was cannabis instead.


Focus is an issue though, determining whether the logic is applied to the previously intended task. Due to the increased thought processes, other thoughts can become the focus… In a most simplified sense, smoking pot strengthens one's intuitive thinking and abstracts the rational mind to weaken and strengthen it depending on character, mindset, flow and time.

Don't Listen To First Time Smoker's Experiences

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