Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Pieces Of Our Broken Society

All of these things contribute towards a broken Britain, yet are seen as innocent, impossible and unfair to attempt to change.
List is inevitably incomplete.

(issue followed by Random example) S: solution to First example P: plausibility:

  • Those who don't know how to share a space so end up trying to take all of it.
The group of people who walk down a road and do not make space on the pavement for the people who are walking the same or other way.
The surprisingly high proportion of people who have no idea about the concept of priority seating, therefore somehow justifying themselves being fine with letting the elderly and disabled stand up on a swaying public carriage.

S: Media representation of standards and etiquette. Expanded citizenship curriculum P: Possible

  • Those who don't care after the cities.
In the rural areas of the country people care more about their surroundings and don't litter rubbish or offend inhabitants as eagerly as in the highly multiracial cities.

The neighbours who happily leave rubbish and large furniture indefinitely outside of their shared premises.
S: Quick fines from government or council. P: So beneficial, so unlikely

  • Differing standards of manners and etiquette.
The people who, whilst on the train, take their shoes and socks off.
The people who think its okay to, closely and silently without looking, just walk past somebody who is asking for help with a polite "excuse me". The civil bypassers say “sorry”.
The people on public transport who choose to stand up for a long time instead of sit beside someone.
S: Notices and increased media representation on values and manners. P: Likely

  • The inconsiderate neighbours who don't care, many of whom actually holding hatred, for the majority of the people who live around them.
The mother who lets her children run, jump and playfight around the house.. who can't get a carpet.
The neighbours who have walked past eachother countless times but have never acknowledged eachother's existence.
S: Quicker, more ensured fines for 'inconsiderate living' to act as prevention. P: Wish On

  • The terraced housing and blocks that, with constantly changing nomadic / short-term lessees, have constructions happening on nearly every day of the year. This means that if you live in a main city, on virtually every day of every year, you can expect that loud crashing and banging can be heard inside nearly every house in the city from 7:30am-6:30pm.
The noobie property developer who put a construction site in the middle of a neighbourhood only to sell it quickly and take the money abroad after spending more time and money that expected.
S: Establish widely publicised 'Peace Time': a period of the day (perhaps 4:30pm - 9:30am) when constant loud noises from constructions are unlawful. P: Low the rapper

  • The perceived secretive use of foreign languages forgoing the logical understanding that people get offended and distrusting when such a thing is done outside of necessity.
The two Afghan colleagues who made everyone like them less by conversing in Afghan language for no reason.
The people who incessantly insult people without them knowing.

S: Through media, create the consensus of it not being polite to do such things and it being okay to tell people to stop. P: Unlikely

  • The local business owners who decide to keep their doors locked, in order to pick and choose their customers and protect themselves from the odd potential robbery.
The man who got into debt because of his failing business which doesn't have an open door.

  • The drivers who try to hit people /threaten to make move, especially pedestrians of other races, with their "FasterJourneyBoxes" instead of slow down a bit or wait an extra single second.
The woman driver who killed a granny because she wanted her to cross the road faster and didn't feel the need to slow down.

  • The denied clarification and eager confusion over what racism is.
The people who say that someone is pulling the race card and the people who actually pull it (both wrong btw).
The widespread acceptance of racial insensitivity and disproportionate representation in the medias.
S: Have media establish a definition of racism according to the views of those that are the victims of racism. P: Never

  • The Indians who have shops, attained by way of clandestine community unity, who only ever give jobs to their family and friends.
The long-time IT shop owner who provides zero opportunities for local people, but always has new staff that are his relatives and speak English as a second language.
S: Implement a law against disproportionate hiring practices in certain industry sectors. P: Wish On

  • The black people that (individually) endorse un-PC and demonised cultures such as freedom of expression, sexual dancing, homophobia and illegal drug distribution, providing a baseline for society.
The mother who uploads a video of her 3 year old son, wearing little more than underwear, homosexually twerking onto Facebook.
S: Use the media to demonise these actions even further, as a deterrent. P: Likely

  • Media publications that seem to love turning people against eachother
The popular stereotypes and their effective prejudices being allowed to rampantly re-offend.

Inaccurate, bigoted judgements and assumptions by columnists and commentators going unchallenged and widely endorsed.
S: Through practice, make it unprofessional to not put a contrasting rebuttal beside or below the clearly disagreeable column. P: Low

  • Distinct absence of cultural identity and national solidarity due to opposing division.
What is an Indian man?
What is a Polish man?
What is a Russian man?
What is an Englishman? What is an English man?
S: .....

  • The inability to come to another’s defence.
Due to the law punishing those who take justice into their own hands, a vulnerable woman can be abused in a crowded place, surrounded by disapproving men who would like to protect her.
The man who lost his manhood on the event of only being able to watch a woman get abused, not being able to save her for fear of a criminal record.

S: Use CCTV, witness statements and increased trust from police to allow people to help people in need. P: Highly Unlikely 

  • Those who's cultures prioritise and impose racial purity, an accepted form of racist ideology.
The Bangladeshi son who can't take a white girl home because his Bangladeshi parents will proudly disown and maybe murder their son (or daughter) simply because of his/her being in a relationship with someone who does not have Bangladeshi blood. (Blood being interchangeable with religion)
S: Publicly make it illegal to practice P: Maybe Boris

  • A considerably large, further alienated portion of society that do not speak much of the language of locale, many of whom have no intention to do so at an adept level, due their choice of acquaintances. It is pretty convenient to be easily able to make sure that all of the people you need to know speak your language.
The Italian girl, with an Italian boyfriend, who works in an Italian shop and lives in a house where only Italians live who doesn't want (or have) to 'integrate'.
S: Through media, make that divisive lifestyle undesirable. P: Low

  • The men and women who walk around afraid and offensive in their actions because of it.
The people who, when looking at someone, are discomforted or offended when that someone looks back at them.
“Why do people get afraid when approached on the street? If there was a risk, I doubt that the person would approach so politely.
The woman who got into a disturbing argument because she saw someone coming who she wrongly prejudged would steal her purse so she decided to cradle it with a cartoonish shoulder causing offence and an altercation.
S: Teach the population through the media that debatably-irrational fear is a dangerous cultural offence. P: Possible

  • The schools under the public school system, that spit out direction-less teenagers who have no idea of vocational alignment and struggle with individuality.
The teachers that hatefully give most of the support to the best students and none to the worst.
S: Understanding of idiosyncrasy by Ofsted and the impenetrable teachers. P: Maybe

  • Politicians who are so out of touch with the places over which they govern that the majority of their decisions negatively affect the majority of individuals.

Cultures that oppose eachother coexist in a divided state of divisive states.
All of these things only serve to widen the cracks in our communities of strangers, offsetting the possibilities of the next generation.

NOTHINGS. GONNA. CHANGE...Evvvvveeeeeeeeeeee.........

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