Thursday, May 12, 2016

Modern Transgenderism is A Joke (One-Off)

The modern world is a joke, we have all these developments but instead of leading us to utopia, they provide and result in further problems.

The ability to change ones sex, albeit not perfectly, has resulted in a growing number of people who choose to perceive themselves as most unhappy without gender reassignment. A point of no return. Last year (mar 15 -16), 1,419 children were admitted to just one of the NHS' numerous Gender Identity services, over 697 the year prior. The increase in gender confusion amongst youngsters in the west is increasing at a rate that may possibly be exponential.

Yet, as the only people who benefit from gender reassignment, the industry is reluctant to comment on the causes for the growth in interest.

The feminist message is underpinned by the fantasy that being a man is better than being a woman, in every way. Leading to the misconception that changing into a man from being a woman will only bring benefits and not result in any disadvantages or losses. Clear Bull.
The fact that gender reassignment is desired by females roughly twice as much as men can support the notion that gender identity is founded on societal influence and the established standards of aesthetics. Because females have aesthetic standards imposed on them more than males do. Basically, people are falling at the influence of stereotypes. If a woman looks like a guy or is really 'ugly' and has an affinity for boyish things, grows to not want men and love women, then develops a fear of childbirth - she doesn't have to mutilate herself to become a guy, she already is one. Except one with a baby box and all the bad goo that that comes with.

The female is a 'freak', appearing as an ugly guy with a vagina and small breasts, struggling with his/her identity and its negative results in society and their society-led mind. Do all the operations and hormone treatments make that person more or less of a 'freak' in struggle? Is it all really worth it?

Think of the alternatives. As a man, all you would have to do to live happily without going through gender reassignment is be gay or find a woman that wants someone like you - and be proud of appearing how you want, looking like an ugly man or an ugly female. Spending one day as one and another day as the other. You could turn your burden into a gift.

Or, as a woman.... Despite how gender reassignment appears to make more sense, you could just accept that you are the female that you are, regardless of how you may compare to the standards of 'what a female is'. There are men and women out there who will love you how you are (or how you like to be) and remove your compulsion for genital mutilation. Instead of focusing on gender reassignment, which has many detrimental elements, the focus could be on gender acceptance alongside the acceptance of your identity, which is something that you are open to personally define.

Allowing your gender to define your identity is quite problematic and is actually the main problem. Gender and Identity are safest separated.

Society doesn't really care about how you look if you're a stranger. Acceptance levels are imbalanced, with females in favour. A female who looks like a guy is much more acceptable to others of both traditional sexes, than a male who appears as a female. A tranny girl can fit in to an all-girls school much easier than a tranny male will at an all-boys school. The same imbalance is in the workplace. Considering the likelihood of female-transsexual acceptance and the subsequent ability to be happy as you like, reassignment surgery is only for those odd women who hate their physical selves enough to kill themselves.

And besides, when a male/female has had that reassignment surgery and looks in the mirror to finally see a woman/man standing there... what's to stop her/him from becoming dissatisfied with that?Unable to change back.

I say keep your choice. In your pursuit for freedom, don't throw it away.
Enjoy your differences, always leaving them open to change.

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