Thursday, April 07, 2016

Foreigners Get London Jobs Easier

It is apparent that London has a preference for a migrant workforce. At times of need before but now as a mindless habit. Offices, construction sites, shops and receptions are foreign staffed to a point where English people are the minority. Opportunities that once would have kick-started natives into careers are now filled by foreigners who claim to already have the skills and experience. Negating any benefits to skills shortages I.e. training and NEET relegation.

Only 20% of London's population are immigrants of under 10 years residency. Yet, 1 in 2 new jobs goes to an immigrant. Immigrants in London are twice as likely to get a job than natives. Around 95% of foreigners in London are employed, over the 85% of the natives. 80% of roles that foreigners hold are in sectors without skills shortage.

People like to say that London is for immigrants. But if that is true, the city is not for those who reside in it.

What care is displayed for the natives? Who are culturally lambasted in the media as work-shy, lazy and unsatisfactory in their presentation. Held at lower faith than immigrants, the natives are without the self-assurance or high-estimation that comes with being an immigrant.

The immigrants reap the benefits of being immigrants until they settle and become natives with British-born children. The children are to be largely without the benefits of being immigrants and the parents are to be jealous of the new immigrants invading from another part of the world.
I went to a job fair in London, in the hope of getting a job. All I got was information and leaflets. And somehow, every one of the 10 or so paid representatives that I spoke to was a foreigner...

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