Monday, May 27, 2013

What's the Point in Being Vegan?

I feel pity for these vegetarian martyrs, spending ten pounds on a bag of nuts. It seems most vegans are as such due to sympathy and disgust for the admittedly saddening acres of crying caged birds..

If meat shouldn't be eaten because of animals dying, what will not eating meat do? Will not eating meat stop animals from being killed in their trillions? Are these vegetarians going to the jungle to stop lions from massacring deer? Or spiders killing flies? Have any joined together petitioning to stop the cat killing Asians with a taste for dogs and live monkey brains? NO.. it's a futile act of self sacrifice like following an illogical limitation of a religion.

"Surely, if you are a vegetarian, you'll be eager to smoke a couple blunts"

"Don't act like you don't want something good!"

What are the benefits? The food is more expensive, takes more effort to prepare, looks inedible and is boring (vegans spice up their munch times with experimentation and variety -- a new kind of leaf or a new recipe for homemade flapjacks, its like a lazy mans horticulture, with skew). As well as suitable food purchases being limited, shopping trips are longer because labels need to be examined. Inconveniently and carelessly selfish, at Christmas the cooking has to be done twice, typically by someone else.

From experience, being vegan does not make you healthier: it makes you chubby with bad skin. Humans are carnivores, with physical and chemical traits that predispose them as meat-eaters. To not eat meat is to not be human, as it is to not have an opinion. We are made to eat meat. Not eating meat will damage your body.

A few of the things that vegans are not supposed to eat due to them containing Animal extracts:

(Certain) Chewing gum, ice cream, chocolate, cheese, pastries, crisps, sweets etc. 

What's a real vegan?

I suspect that for some it is an act of superiority; distancing themselves from the meat-eating mouth-breathers who do as they are supposed to. Would vegans be so against animal death and consumption if we (humanity) were, once again, prey? (#and again)

And bottom line, they're missing out: bacon sarnies and lamb chops are some of the few things to live for by natures law. Disagree? Go take ya head for a poop.

Where are my sheep?

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