Thursday, August 18, 2016

Teachers Are Responsible For Students Growth

Just think of how many children go through school unhelped, leaving with problems and inadequacies that could have been remedied with a quick ironing-out by one of their teachers. The fact is that teachers have the ability to make their students better. Practically all teachers have the ability to make all of their students great at a subject - but that cannot be allowed to make sense.

If a student leaves the classroom or course still unable to understand related concepts, the teacher is as responsible for the failures as much as the student is. The teacher can change the student, a good one always does. The students are capable of teaching themselves, but then what are the teachers for?.. Great schools have great teachers. Great schools do not have bad teachers. Good teachers do not have bad students for long. Bad students are made good by good teachers. Bad students are the product of bad teachers, just as good students do not need a good teacher to be good. Bad students do not make good teachers bad. They are the teacher’s test.

Keep admonishing responsibility.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Without White People We Wouldnt Have These Things (Syc)

These are most/all of the things that moronic racists, even unknowing ones (most people), believe that we would all be without if ‘white’ people didn’t exist.

                                    Agree Y/N
Chemistry                                                       Advanced Math / Physics + Algorithms

Civilisation                                                     Photography

Processed Food                                               Peace

Toilet paper                                                     Psychology

Electromagnetism                                           International Events

Technology + Nano iterations (Fridges, Planes, Microwaves, Washing Machines, Internet. Etc.)

Democracy                                                      Space (in general) ;)

The more reasonable deduction is that all of these areas of understanding and other things above are inevitable developments. Their experimental discovery and progressive utilisation is a result of an industrial-academic culture being undisturbed and henceforth allowed to evolve. This academic / intellectual culture is one that can be employed to great benefit all over the world, that’s why it seems like such a gift.

The fact that ‘whites’ were the ‘leading’ bearers of technological development between the 15th and 20th centuries does not mean that they were the only ones who would have been able to do what was done. Besides, they weren’t. People of all nationalities contributed to the impressive technological and scientific developments of the past few centuries. Honestly, the highly applauded work of the great mathematicians, such as Euler, Euclid, Gauss, Archimedes, Fermat and Newton, could have been (and was) done by anyone with enough interest, resources, focus and self-belief. Ramanujan (1887) is surely proof enough.

Involved in this equation of person-based development were (and are) things other than a fantasy superiority gene in ‘whites’... too many to mention here. Any ‘people type’ that was able to industrialise their society, those without wars and without carelessness for academia, were working on advanced scientific conjecturing of some sort.

The argument can be made that ‘whites’ were the catalyst for increased development, but it would have to account for cultural, political and ecological differences which would self-defeat the ulterior argument of intrinsic superiority. 

Another argument seems more revealing; The development of anything is incremental so - at later points in time, the rate of growth grows to dwarf previous rates, ‘whites’ came 'on top' at a good time in the road of human understanding. Documented discoveries, in an old-historical context, should not be relied on to determine the true time of discovery, just the documented time. Of course, our records are better today.

I’ll end there… Get on top of things. Understand what is untold. Like they did...

Why Human Classifications Are Stupid

Just a thought ..
If male and female cats and dogs are categorised by breed and race, does that not make you think that our classifications of humans, simplistically race or nationality, are incomplete and just wrong.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

A Black Person Thinks X Ways (Generalisation Time Again)

# When a 'black' person sees an advertisement mentioning 'whiteness' in the context of cleanliness. (e.g. Toothpaste or laundry detergent commercials) they think of racial connotations and the superior value of the property of 'whiteness'.

Thursday, June 09, 2016

Why I Move to Music - Why Don't They?

Confused, I look at someone with headphones on, I can hear the beats of their songs, yet they aren't moving. It seems that the act of moving to music through headphones is relegated to those who identify with what is known as a lower-class trend. I say that because, in my experience, all who moved to their music on public transport (in public but not on a dancefloor) were the sorts you could imagine knew, liked and hung out with 'black' people - and all of those who didn't, were not.

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Is It Bad To Be Desperate?

Naturally, people always find ways to demonize things that are healthy, good and fair. It is simply being a part of society to unquestioningly partake in collective stupidity. Effectively, it is stupid to question collective stupidity. Which is totally stupid.

For some reason, it is a bad thing to be eager in a relationship, even when other people aren't watching. One can easily be too eager.

FYI I left a relationship that could be likened to a marriage and, No, I 'd never let her read this stuff.

People are trained to admire those who do not want them. As well as that training, there is an inherent desire in humans to gain the favour or affections of those who initially treat them with indifference; the wanting of importance is normal and of considerable effect. Enacted by all while being somehow treated as inappropriate.

So, when someone proclaims their attraction to someone, that someone will typically reject them. Yet, if the communication of the attraction is restricted to subtlety, the chance of agreement is higher. That seems odd, but makes sense when 'isms' and cultures are considered.

And, mate, its not just women who are responsible for this idiocy. If a girl offers a man her goods, be it on terms of sex or a relationship, the man leans toward declining or only partaking momentarily. From her assertiveness, he prejudges that she is either crazy, trouble or dirty in the worst way.

This is fukkkn stupid.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Amsterdam First Time Psychologist's Experience

"I checked out many of the souvenir shops, hoping to find one from France, where I was supposed to be. Looking for an anomaly..."

Wildly differing from the virtual prisons of London and New York, the pubs can serve alcohol at the early hour of 10am and prostitutes are available until after midnight. The tourist district is almost perfectly arranged, in a capitalist sort if way, with a misleading maze of shops housing the red light district that offers cannabis, sex and other sightseeing opportunities unavailable in the other, more offensive, regions of the world.

Friday, May 20, 2016


A leaflet/PSA that UKIP sent out, in it's millions, to counteract the Pro-EU  propaganda sent out by Cameron's Tory government leading up to the EU referendum vote. 

If the majority vote is to stay in it will be nice to look back on the things that the masses chose to ignore. 

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Modern Transgenderism is A Joke (One-Off)

The modern world is a joke, we have all these developments but instead of leading us to utopia, they provide and result in further problems.

The ability to change ones sex, albeit not perfectly, has resulted in a growing number of people who choose to perceive themselves as most unhappy without gender reassignment. A point of no return. Last year (mar 15 -16), 1,419 children were admitted to just one of the NHS' numerous Gender Identity services, over 697 the year prior. The increase in gender confusion amongst youngsters in the west is increasing at a rate that may possibly be exponential.

Yet, as the only people who benefit from gender reassignment, the industry is reluctant to comment on the causes for the growth in interest.

Tuesday, April 05, 2016


I recently had a zero-hour work experience of a factory setting in central London, where the immigrant staffing (95%) incessantly communicated their belief that those ‘fair-paying’ factory jobs belonged only to them – immigrants.

A mention must be made of the fact that, on average, immigrants are typically more satisfied with lower living expenditures, work benefits, wages and amount of time off. It’s not only ego that pushes natives away from such physically and emotionally demanding positions. It is certainly not laziness, as other commentators would have you believe.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

1000 Things Black People Hate About Themselves + Why in 2017

It's reasonable. 
There really are many interesting real reasons why 'Blacks' and other 'non-whites' say that "'White' people have better lives" than others and should be happier. WRITTEN BY A 'BLACK' MALE.

Also read:

This should be called: 
Things That 'Black People' Shouldn't Tend To Hate About Themselves... or About How 'blacks' feel about themselves being 'black'.
...and it might be painful for some...even though I expect nobody will want to acknowledge or share anything here (you should, if you want to help people understand 'black' issues). If posts / articles like this were shared as eagerly as cat videos and memes, the world would be a different place. Better for most.

Black Parents!!! Do Not Read This!! Turn away now!!.. ... you have been warned...

"I must keep this brief".. "This could be sooooo much longer"


"Do you read?"
"I don't like to.."

Saturday, February 13, 2016

What Really Is 'God'?

Put simply, resultant from reality's applications of the concept, God is a conceptualisation of Goodness occurring. If bad stuff happens, the event is either a lapse in Goodness' control or good in Goodness' judgement, as if for the 'greater good'. 'God' can only be good in activity, because believers would be hopeless if he was not. Therefore...

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Mono-Living Is For Stupid Knobheads - Mark Zuckerberg

I've just found out about a new craze / fad proceeding through 'smart' people. Because of sheep-tendencies, Mark Zuckerberg's (Facebook founder) completely blank outfitting of a grey t-shirt and jeans (because he doesn't want or need anyone's approval or opinion) has extended into a life-choice mantra for the masses. Mono-living is the new black, meaning: wearing and / or doing the same things, routinely and without fail, to deny oneself the wastefully painful burden of choice. I'm serious. What is this??

Thursday, January 07, 2016

Religion Is A Joke (Part 14/100)

A child gets seriously crippled in accident, caused by a serious drunkard.

His mother dreads a future of devotion and servitude to a needy cripple, who's broken image brings her to tears. 

With convenience as a focus, a part of her believes that they would both be blessed by his death.

The child lives but is paralysed and unable to speak. He wishes to die.

His mother keeps him alive, sacrificing the rest of her life for his, with suppressed thoughts of what his situation will be when she dies.

Her faith in her God grows as her faith forces him to persist in a living hell, where he would rather die and his mother is locked in a prison.

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Volunteering Is An Impossible Myth #FUTILITY

Jobhunters say “how can I get experience, when I need experience to get experience”, which is a paradoxical conundrum of the modern-age, to which pompous ignoramuses say “Volunteer”.

Governments Force People Into Crime + Poverty

Governments are supposed to support the people they rule over. Actually, the people are supposed to rule over their governments... but oh well, everything is wrong and futile. It's even 'wrong' to say that things are 'wrong'... Everything that is 'right', fair or decent, has opposition that uses superior levels of effort to argue against wishes, dreams and happiness.

Due to govern-mental neglect, individuals are left to be unemployed and homeless. While there are solutions, none are in place. Justice systems continue to serve the rich while damning the poor. Jobcenters do not help people to get jobs. The publications provide propaganda and lies.

Mr Victim has been forced into violently mugging people, stealing and dealing... because despite any of his efforts, he cannot get a job anywhere and would be sleeping on the streets if he was not a criminal. The government gives him no assistance, only the threat of imprisonment. For him under the government's hateful neglect, being homeless is a crime and employment is a factual impossibility.

Governments, fairly, want people to work and governments do not want them to rely on benefits / social security. So, the solution is to make sure everyone is working. Leaving individuals to find work on their own is silly, because too many people CANNOT find work. So, to keep them away from 'benefits' ENSURE THAT THEY HAVE JOBS.

If the government forced a job placement system, homelessness and poverty would not exist. Despite the benefits and plausibility of such a notion, it is fervently denied; Because rich people won't be happy...

This world is a joke... about which, only the heartless can laugh...