Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Irony of Feminism

It's quite logical to question feminism. The aim of feminism is to ensure fairness and more freedom for women. Yet, the progressions serve to take freedoms, gifts and fairness away from men.

Of course, where women are literally slaves to men, like in communities of archaic cultures, feminism is a great fuxxing thing. But this is 2016, a time where all religions are disproved daily and most women need to work to live comfortably, so in most western civilisations, feminism is 10 years out of date.
(2005) Green = Women, not accounting for job diversity or hours worked per year.
The economic climate has forced in the fundamentals of feminism, any extraneous aspects imposed are just that - extraneous. Whoever said that calling a female ‘bossy’ is an insult was not thinking. Telling women to be offended by the thought of not being 'bossy', while ignoring the widely recognised trend of bossy men being despised. 

Desipite feminism, women still do the negative things to themselves (wearing high heels, body hate, make-up etc.) that women used to, to their own proclaimed detriment.

Sexism against men is still a great thing to be proud of... Never trust a man to do Christmas. We can all agree that men are shitty by default. That is totally fair.

Women are still women, meaning that all of their perks are still existent. Men are no longer men, stripped of many of their ("many") previous perks. To 'equalise', women gained and men lost out.
The reality, that which you cannot ever acknowledge, is that women in feminist societies have more freedoms than men.
At Christmas time, under feminism nobody is obliged to cook. Women under feminism feel sad or angry about looking after their families because of men's activities, REALLY!?? Expectably, females will deny this because it doesn't make sense but then show it in their actions. Telling their 'loved-ones' that it is not their role to cook or care. Careless for desires, barely offering what is needed. On dates, a woman is no longer expected to appear 'beautified' or 'classy'. 
A woman is to deny herself compliments, while a man is expected to hide any unique aspects of his person. A homosexual man who is emasculated and emotional is more desirable as regular company than a traditional pride-based man of demands. In relationships, everything the woman says must be obeyed, while a man is given no public right to control. Many (or most) modern females in the west (and other areas) are oddly reluctant to clean their bathrooms properly. 
None of this makes any sense to me, or even should. Because I'm a Guy....

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