Saturday, October 10, 2015

Religion is a Joke (Part 11/100)

So, there is one true religion.

Due to the talk of infidels and non-believers, not all religions are true.

When I go to Allah’s gates of heaven where I’m asked three questions.

I answer them all wrong because I gave incorrect answers based on my faith in UnendingSheepTorture/Reality.

I told my raceless and faceless interrogator that I was born a catholic and rejected all religion because none of it made any sense, compatibility or positivity.

I’m told to go to hell, where I can suffer pain for eternity.

But, dying again and again in agony gets my male quim wet. So I laugh.

In hell, I am joined by billions and billions of poor souls, even that of the first free man.

I do not see any non-humans here, except for the torturers. My pet unicorn is gone forever.

Heaven only has Muslims in it.

I bet my dead girlfriend's mum and dad got let in.

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