Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Zero Ownership England

I could write a much longer post on this, but tbh, I have written many others.
Britain does not work like the other EU countries.
They say how can you be mad at immigrants, this country was rebuilt by immigrants.

At times of need.
So I'm to believe that the English can't support themselves when needed, that the English can't educate enough of their own 'unskilled' and 'uneducated' to get what is needed done.

Unlike other capitals with their isolated tourist districts, the whole city of London is at a constant state of "tourist hotspot". With no sense of community or rapport, surrounded by barriers and societal incompatibility. The countrysides and other cities aren't faring any better, with immigrants leaving the busiest areas and settling in quieter places such as Boston, Lincolnshire.

Over 65% of active construction workers in London are of migrant status, and not just EU. So, despite evident demand paired with millions of NEET (not in education or employment) nationals, no concerted push for construction training was seen.

Instead, requests for workers for jobs in England were shockingly made through European media outlets, before British ones.

The underlying issue is that, unlike being Japanese or Dutch, being British has no meaning.

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