Monday, February 16, 2015

Powwownow Advert Is Offensive and Depressingly Stupid - Avoid The Horror

'It' says, 'AVOID THE HORROR' = Make your next meeting a conference call!!!!

In the dystopian future that we in England are living in, where random people cannot even look at eachother for more than a second without causing discomfort and offence, this is not helpful to see above and beside commuter's heads on crowded public transport.

In the image above, 'the others' are Serial Killers and in other prints they are Clowns.

The self ingraining message is: All other people are clowns and serial killers and it is a nightmare to be around them.

It's another deep-sinking message that says that everyone else is incompatible with you. Compounding the matching understandings and logical deductions wrought from religion, tradition, fashion, race and class.

That we should all hate eachother. That, in all areas outside of love, it is better for us to not interact physically, let's just rely on computers!!

Everyone would look perceptive, as they communicate only with their phones, if they were to wear t-shirts with 'INCOMPATIBLE' or 'STAY AWAY FROM ME!!' printed on their fronts.

Even if the depressing advertisement was not intended to be offensive, which I doubt, it's most present effects on the minds of observing commuters are undeniably negative. I'm not alone in my disgust, three words: Beloved Burns Victims

What mindless advertising work!!

Their excuse

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