Saturday, January 04, 2014

Hey WTF Music Business

The music industry is in a state of emergency: file sharing, youtube and streaming media capturers have rendered recorded music as free, genres are more than plentiful and with the increased ease of music production there are more music makers than ever before. There are literally 50,000 rappers out there now who can REALLY write better verses than 50 Cent, Lil Wayne or Eminem.

Hey music industry, you're having a tough time aren't you?
I expect you're working things out, so I wanna ask..
Dontcha want to sell records anymore? I know you still are..
but it's not like the good old days, eh? The games changed.
I need to know, why the heck can I listen to any song I want on Youtube,
anywhere and whenever I like, usually with a cool music vid for free?
Does that make any sense? I can, do and will get any sweating
artist's song I hear and want for free, whenever I like, on the Internet,
whether I'm at home or on the plane, as many times as I like,
without ever paying anyone a penny for their efforts, dreams and hard work.
I freely listen to their songs over and over but
almost definitely won't go to any of their shows,
I enjoy what I want from them and then carelessly get rid of their produce,

"bye-bye mate, good luck with your live-shows,
that's the only way you're gonna get any money,
I didn't have to give you any when I was bumping your shit,
your recordings are amazing but you can't perform well,
so yeah, good luck with the shows

"listeners are so crazy, many mistake youtube views for pennies"
If you make songs that are meaningful, personal or truly individual you're
doomed to go nowhere; dance music dominates so that's what most
'pushable' artists are making, lowering and shifting standards.
Consumers seem to want songs that aren't about the challenging or the deep.
Artists are expected to give brilliant songs away for free for some reason,
if a song is a hit, it should stand on its own, people should be forced to
buy it if they like it, not have a free and easy alternative way to
own it. Whats the point in a song? to sell show seats? sell the damn song!
After all its you who's losing out, getting smaller and more dishonourable,
finding hope for 'real' music in the depressing success of the mopey pig Adele.
Has there ever been a time when music records were free by default?
Where are the vendors? physical cuts are practically extinct.
Digitally, what you got?
iTunes? c'mon guys.. find out how many people haven't bought a song in the last few years compared with
How many songs they have listened to more than 5 times in that duration?

You're leaving things too open; no measures, only insufficient reactions.
You haven't got defined, exclusive channels for marketing any more,
you can get music anywhere, if you've found out about 20 great artists in a day
you aint gonna be nobody's fan and you certainly aint gonna buy 20 songs.
People get tired fast, and faster with increased choice. You can't blame someone for going to the free spot instead of the one charging, it's the responsibility
of the main seller to ensure that the free spot doesn't exist.
The independent underground artists are no longer in a different game,
they are on your level, where you advertise they do too, beating you
in places yet still falling short of financial success
despite getting momentary widespread recognition.
Are you trying to devalue yourself or is it just happnin? Is it
reasonable for artist's to, in the hope of getting fans, give away months and years of hard work for free getting
nothing in return but hater's reluctant looks and the reveal of no next level?

Surely there is a way
You know that money doesn't guarantee success, neither do giveaways.
It's at the point where skilled legends can't even give away their music for free to actual real fans of the genre because there is so much music out there that its value is literally priceless, when you pay you appreciate, when you don't you don't, its unfair.
We all know, every internet user needs to have money quickly available on the
internet, the net makes everything free, a big problem disguised
as a gift that will only go unsolved for so long, the solutions are there but
they certainly wont be received by the majority as nice.

Why would you expect me to buy a song when....
There is no way to stop the electronic duplication and playback of media on
the internet, with pictures you're stuck with watermarks but with music
you have another choice, you don't have to show them the whole song for the consumers
to work out whether they like it or not, whats so devastating about a sample.
Instead of a free hot music video whenever an urge occurs, hows about
a listen to a purchased track that was bought because
the only alternative is a 90 second sample.
Yes, there are growers but that's what the radio is for.
If you want to listen to a song, you should need to pay for it, otherwise you're
leaving a hole in ya ass.
"Yeah, but its only half the song!"
"If you see sample tracks becoming standard on the internet, I hope you will credit me."
"epic shake my head..."

Remove free from the internet, for your own sake
Welcome and accept a problem, why don't ya.. good luck music biz
now fu#k off!...

I'll be nicer next time

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