Wednesday, January 08, 2014

A New Job Application Paradigm

I’ve been thinking... (ooh, don't hurt yourself)

With the decrease in opportunity and probability of getting a job, so should the level of effort that an applicant should be expected and have to put in to an application – or at least the average one.

This notion seems actively considered as many of the now mandatory online application processes have been shortened; from the discouraging 15 page inquiry of yesteryear to a quick couple of clicks.

Employers don’t even read CV’s anymore: they either send them through a computer keyword search which randomly picks 5 or so interviewees out of a suitable 100 (I know..), give the digital toilet paper to HR groups who only look at a CV for 2 seconds before deciding whether or not to punch a hole in it.

They don’t really have a choice though, because, now, one supermarket job can get a thousand applicants...

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