Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Against UKIP? Lovely

I am not a true supporter of UKIP, mainly because their main intention of EU migrant purging is too late to execute and they have an obnoxiously incomplete proposal.

Yet, people are being even more stupid by hating UKIP for reasons that aren't factually valid.

Feelings + Emotion Quote

For most people..

Their feelings exist..

Only when they have been hurt..

Monday, December 22, 2014

Teachers Suck (Are Idiots)

Never piss off a teacher..

They're there to teach you lessons...

And the lesson they all love to teach the most is..

Never piss off your teacher.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Questioning a ninja wife.

I wanted to actually interview one of these poor women but, from the ten or so I asked, I found that you cannot even talk to them or be answered by them in such unsolicited situations.

Only one female partook in conversation. Only to tell me that I was an idiot, to get away from her and that her husband was coming.

"Who are you hiding from and for?"

"Why don't you wear gloves, I can see your hands.
I'm not supposed to be able to, am I?
Wouldn't it be cleaner too??"

"Why can I see your feet and toes?
You do know that many men have a fetish for that?
Is it okay for me to see your crusty toenails but not your dusty hair?"

"Why exactly are you hidden, again?"

"I know that your men want your previously owned aesthetic value to be exclusive but are you happy like this?"

"How do you feel, when comparing your situation to one of a woman who has everything great?"

"A great, respectful, fair, smart, considerate and beautiful man, mental and physical freedom etc... Do you feel happy that you're in this position when you compare it to the one I just gave??"

"Do you think you're ugly? I have no way to see if you're right..."

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A Message For Lonely White Men: A Beauty Bias


If you rate yourself a two, a three or below, this is not about you..

Don't worry matey,

 I know you're struggling to get laid with someone you truly want. Those pretty white girls, like you see in the media, only give up their goods for money, an opportunity, a fashionable image / lifestyle or a big cock (if that's what they still want) and don't really have time for pasty regular Joe's like you.

You have an advantage, to combat whatever disadvantages you perceive. You're 'white' and that means more people wanna know you. I know it's weird to actually see written.

But.. compare yourself to your counterpart; someone of similar size with exactly the same qualities, bad habits, polish and bank balance but of a different race. Unless you are really ugly, you will be more attractive to women than your other-raced counterpart. Poor man. Blame it on the media, shaping our societies' consensuses on the openly ranked ideals of human beauty.

"Why are Italians so hot?"

Even if you are really hot, as a 'white' male, you'll still be more acceptable to more people than your equally hot other-race counterpart. 

Imagine that you're on one of those dating shows with loads of girls signalling whether or not they fancy the single man at the centre of the stage.. More people in that room will fancy you, Mr White, than your precise other race counterpart.

I know some people won't (want to) get the concept of counterparts. You, my light faced man-friend, do, because you're smart, aren't you?.

This guy is somehow equal to..

That's YOU with his ex..

There's always the east Asians, you know those little demure women with the straight black hair, round faces and pale skin. One of them will have you.

You can get a china doll, 

I am not saying that looks are everything, obviously there are many other variables, this is about appeal and, ultimately, how people look at each other under a practically-omnipotent bias toward and against certain aesthetics.

If you are not attracted to women of other races, perhaps you Could acknowledge that a girl you don't think is beautiful is factually infinitely more beautiful than you, man..

"Rihanna, she's ugly, not my cup of tea.."

Although we are all undoubtedly divided for the most part, you can have many women of all races, relatively easily, but you wanted to know where your best chances are...

With the next regular east Asian girl you see in a comfortable environment (not random, although your chances will be relatively good), won't you just attempt to get her number after listening to and flirting with her for a while? You probably will get a date.
As long as you aren't scruffy.

Fake hair = Easier
Don't bother with religious Indians who are close to their families.. Actually, you might get a one nighter. You have a decent chance, matey..

Most East Asian women find darker skinned Indian men the least attractive of all prospects and are somewhat scared of the reality of intimate relations with a 'black' man. Single 'oriental' women are highly eager to become acquainted with smart looking 'white' men and tend to be more open to initiations.

Talk about the relatively minuscule amount of South-East Asian girls with 'black' men, not considering the fact that some 'black' men have small penises and exceptions are a rule of of rules. If you are a professional 'white' man with money,

Even though you just read that, it's likely that you will still disagree with all of this shit and tomorrow, see or hear it as true but then deny it. I guarantee you an Asian girlfriend, if you make 5 decent attempts. If you don't get one, I get a thousand bucks.

A lot of the issues that typically push people away from each other will be made to be of much less importance by her eagerness to accept you.

As you will also find with quite a few black women...

This guy gets loads of women + hearts
Who will, probably with irony, accept you for what you are and are not.

Remember, most women (more so with minorities) tend to underestimate their beauty. An average 'white' woman will overvalue herself as society has, whereas an average minority woman will undervalue herself, as society has.

Using the rating scale, that I hate too...
A 'white' female who is effectively a 6 is actually a 5 and a 'black female that is effectively a 5 is actually a 6. A 'white' female who is treated as a 4 is actually a 3 and a 'black female you rate a 3 is actually a 4.
Confusing, much?
This even applies to 9s and tens. If you add an elusive and morally disagreeable Eleven.
This befuddling bias is a direct offset concept to the eurocentric beauty bias that is steadily employed around our world.
This woman is said to be one of the 100 most beautiful women in the world - A NINE/8.
If 40% of peak age 'whites' m/f are attractive to 95% of all people..
And ..
Only 25% of peak age 'Asians' m/f are attractive to 95% of all people...
Or 25% of 'blacks'...        
There is an imbalance in our collective perception.. 'Whites' are not inherently more beautiful if the term 'beautiful' doesn't mean fitting an externally predefined template. Everyone has beauty to be found in their face. Understand that it (beauty) can have no single definition...

Let's also establish what is meant by 'attractive'. It means: 'not ugly'; of aesthetic values that do not bar the onlooker's ability to believe that the subject is 'good looking'. Attractive shouldn't mean 'drop your pants Hot', with our common internal mind-movements it pragmatically means acceptable for intimacy in an inconsequential scenario.
(sorry, I'm not stupid)

If you earnestly act like you love them, give them enough of your time, endure their tests and make promises for the future you can get a 'sister' who is 'out of your league' fairly securely and also partake in the best sex you will ever have had.

ADD her natural hair
Remember, and one could say this for men of all but few races, if she hasn't been with a man of your race yet and is open to the idea of it, your chances are doubled. So, as a wise man once said, Be Who Dey Like.
This is all generalisation, obviously, but you can actually find the evidence. Disprove this, I'll pay you. Actually, no, I won't.. 

A woman being not happy about herself or her race will make it easier for the socially superior 'white' you to make her happy. 

She will endure your caveats despite the fact that, if you were another or her own race, they would cause unacceptable dissatisfaction.

The emotional and social gain from feelings of other-race acceptance and affirmation of worth can't be understated, isn't that what most people live for?..
Of course, anything can overstay it's welcome.

You can even be homeless or penniless. An alcoholic person is not bad when the judge is compelled to allow it. A lot of single black women will try to help you up, as it helps their ego to be in a position of superiority over a 'white' person even if he looks like doodoo, smells bad and is disgusting in his actions.

Yes, multi-hypergamy.

So happy to be in this situation

Just show her a picture of you as a late teenager...

You can look like you've had better days, 
that's A-Okay. 
If you have a face that vaguely resembles any of the many white men from the movies, TV or fashion impressions, you have a good chance of bagging a fairly hot girl of another race, punching above your weight in both stature and state.

You know those adverts, with the domestic family situation, in which the mother is played by a model and the 'white' man is not?..
That is just like how real life looks.

You should have at least a chick who's one point hotter than you.. possibly Six.

For when you show this to your sister: A man of quality will often question whether he is worthy of the woman, there is always consequence.

14(b). Watching a person with a positive impression leads the viewer to become more fond of and comfortable with a person of 'that sort'..

Think of it like this if you must: because of many reasons, a 'white' male 7 is equal to an Indian male 8, a 'white' male 5 is equal to a Japanese male 6 and a 'white' male 'Perfect Ten' is equal to Eleven.
Don't lie 

For the majority of women of other racial divisions, being with an attractive 'white' man who gives her what she wants is the best possible relationship to be in. Your job is to know that you are 'that guy'..
 who can 'do' anything.

My pale brother, you shouldn't be hungry.

Smile, this is reality..

Your Dad, watch the belly...
and the kick at the end..

P.S.    when I find that bookmark, there will be some tables and stats for you to deny.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Fuck U2 and Apple, Douchebags!!

Taking the piss, these U2 anus cups are invading everyone's iPhones. Their album, worthless songs of innocence, is nausea inducing, clich├ęd and pretentious.

Nobody wants your shitty music, everyone knows who you are, whoever likes you will download your crap, you will get no new fans from this act of inconsideration, making everyone waste hours of their lives on getting rid of you Bono.

I can't get it off my iPhone, how to remove this garbage from my music library? #imagine if the government just put shit on every phone, propaganda or something, we'd riot, U2 are wrong. Nobody else can do this.

Swiping a song to the left does not work, instead of deleting it, it just plays the piece of loathsome noise.

Upon further investigation I have discovered that this is a ploy to make people pay for the subscription based iTunes Match, the key that allows for the ability to delete the undeletable.

If you have done every suggestion and still have that rubbish listed, try this solution: sign in and out of iTunes in your phone settings.

Disgusting, everyone now hates U2 and trusts Apple less, great business guys!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Real Best Fix For Youtube And The Music Industry

Tidal? hahaha heerrrr...

Currently with ads:
If I watch a music video four times on YouTube one night, with 1000 views roughly translating to a dollar in Adsense earnings, I am virtually creating 0.004 dollars of revenue.

Look around, this is a problem - and one that a solution is constantly being scouted for.

Also, adverts suck! So bad. Having content being broken up by annoying, mostly-skipped and reapeating adverts is an excuse for freeness - nobody would pay to get adverts.

I'm sure I've mentioned this business model before...

Implement a pay service, maybe Google play, so that users can buy 100 YouTube credits for a dollar. The original Adsense service will exist but another more exclusive revenue stream will be in effect aswell. Adverts could still be shown for credit users but at a much lower frequency and of much lower obtrusion.

To watch a video of a certain category (such as music or entertainment) the user must use a credit equating to a cent. This will allow the account access to the video for a short amount of time (maybe an hour) and will lower the cost of infinite access by one credit.

Uploaders can charge a price for unlimited access (relative ownership) which could mean Youtube allows the buyers to download the files to their devices for offline play. I COULD BE STEVE JOBS

"The problem is, which nobody wants to accept, is that properly monetising the internet requires constant implementation of new co-existing methods of creating more and more revenue. This is because when the cost of a non-essential service to consumers increases with inflation, the amount of users drops"

This would mean that as well as Adsense revenue, 100 credit-paid views would transfer 1 dollar of currency, creating a revenue stream that works 10 times faster than Adsense. All of this would benefit from increased use of teasers and trailers.

Of course, movie trailers and other sub-produce must be free to view, at least initially. Maybe after a user account views one of these free videos a small number of times, credits are required to continue replaying. 
See, Bandcamp does it already..
There is no risk of setting the free view limit too low or high, all people have to do to view a free video when their accounts free views for that video are used up is sign out. 

This scheme could (and I think, should) be implemented throughout the majority of the internet, allowing services and media to be paid for. Of course most types of domains would have their own terms; webmasters would be able to choose whether or not to use the script but all of the major publications would adhere to this beneficial change.

Yes, it would be world news and yes, it would be radical to initiate.

Even if the Adsense revenues decrease slightly from this new complimentary system, the losses will definitely be offset by the credits system.

All of the music videos are credit-paid, the whole category, "NO!! Indies you can't put up your music for free, you must charge a credit". The music industry should love this, if only they weren't so deaf.

This may also bring a stop to the clown acts such as Riff Raff and others who people only click videos of to see what everyone's talking about; when money is an issue, people aren't so accepting.

Because a dollar for 100 chosen videos is fair and unobtrusive, certainly lasting many users more than a week. This IS NOT a bad idea.


Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Internet Killed The Music Industry

This is another post, albeit much shorter, about the broken music industry and it's speculated remedies.

We know that the internet killed the music industry.

British Fear Factor Challenges

Impotent British television needs Fear Factor.

However, to do the same thing would be plagiarism. We've had I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here and the 'wild challenge / quiz' variants, which were all less disgusting than Fear Factor. One thing is for sure, these shows have no respect for animals.

Imagine a show that took things further, instead of just mix things up...

Thursday, August 14, 2014

A Response To A Nigger / Nigga Argument

What to say to someone who tells you to stop saying the word 'nigger' (ONLY when you are using 'nigga' innocently).
What is the difference between 'nigga' and 'nigger'?

That person: "Can you stop saying 'nigger' please"

You: "Huh?"

That person: "It's horrible"

You: "Why?"

That person: "Because, he's not black"

You: "He's not 'black'? a term that is actually negative and therefore racist, I know"

That person: "Huh?"

You: "I'm calling him a 'nigga', which is a term that can be applied to anyone, regardless of race. I'm not attributing anything negative to him"

That person: "Huh?"

You: "It's like 'nigga' is a man, like 'chappie' or 'dude'"

That person: "Aah, okay... what's the point in that"

You: "Well..." (click link for info)

Friday, May 23, 2014

Is It Too Late For UKIP To Do Anything?

Despite the lack of a fully-fleshed and multifaceted proposal, UKIP have picked up support seemingly solely due to the validity and resonance of their main argument; that of the negative effects of immigration.
It seems that the populace believes that the issues UKIP consistently relies on (immigration and the EU) are the most important as of now, rewarding UKIP with roughly a 30% share in the 22/05/14 'local election' constituency votes.
If UKIP is to provide the main populace with what they are wishing the party would provide for their votes, their governmental reign must result in:
  • The UK leaving the EU completely or having limited ties similar to those of Switzerland. Mandatory
  • The majority of European and other economic migrants (not asylum) being deported, freeing up millions of jobs, services and resources. Mandatory
  • UK's borders and immigration policies being changed to ensure that traversal is extremely exclusive, finally only allowing 'a trickle'. Mandatory
  • Possible implementation of priority system for public services such as NHS, housing, benefits and job acquisition.
These points would be proved with a psuedo-democratic referendum that allowed the population to define and vote for exactly what they really want to happen with their country.
"We want Idi Amin!!"
If these things are not to be executed, what did people vote UKIP for? The 4 things above are needed in order for the political and social ailments that have been wrought by the ConDem crew and immigration to be truly cured. 
Everything will stay the same as it is now; all or most of the problems voters have now will remain after UKIP takes office, due to such challenging tasks.
I think it is too late and that not all of the 4 aforementioned notions will become reality. If the party does get to lead (which they wont) UKIP will disappoint the public's expectations, fading away in the next general election with a furore of discontent.

PROOF AGAINST IMMIGRATION http://sosickofthislife.blogspot.co.uk/2014/02/lying-uk-government-loves-eu.html


Monday, May 19, 2014

Proof Amazon Seller Ratings Arent True

One of the main selling points for online sales platforms is the availability of customer feedback. People think that if a merchant is bad, the unsatisfied customers will give them a bad image.

Instead, Amazon lets it's sellers filter out undesirable customer reviews.

Abstractly, because a negative list of reviews is resultant of honesty from the seller, a positive list of ratings and reviews can be seen as a sign of a company being untrustworthy.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Religion Is A Joke (part 3/100)

Have you ever heard the story of the rapist, killer and robber who believed that God loved them and others even after killing, raping and robbing more than 30 victims; men, women and children.

They all won the lottery.

If I go to the east, God is not there; if I go to the west, I do not see Him. When He is at work in the north, I catch no sight of Him; when He turns to the south, I cannot see Him (Job 23:8-9).

Friday, March 14, 2014

Advertisement Paradox

If people are buying much less
because money is low in worth and
many things can be obtained for free
so companies provide free services and products that rely on advertisements to gain revenue,

 Why would anyone be expected to buy anything advertised?

Monday, February 24, 2014

WTF Is Wrong With Employers?

There Are Plenty Of Jobs Out There

Stop Lying!! You Disingenuous Ape!!!!

Proof that there are no jobs...

Logical deductions of bullcrack calling can be made from many sights, such as: Boris bashing the unemployed by saying that there are 30,000 jobs in London (so theres plenty) and that the unemployed british wannabe workers just suck. 

London has a population of  around 9 million, at least 500,000 are unemployed on record and more than 10,000 babies are born everyday. This is ignoring the fact that over 300,000 migrants come to stay in the UK every year and take at least one in every two newly created roles. It is only honest to say that there are no jobs.

"Firms advertising jobs in warehouses and for van driver, data entry and security guard positions are being overwhelmed by more than 100 responses to each advert."

"As the numbers applying for each job shoots up, employers have cut the number of positions they advertise by 50 per cent in the last year."

Why Cant Black People Forget About Slavery?

Because of naysayers, I won't spend much time on this one, it is simple.

People always say: "slavery is over", "forget about it", "slavery is not an issue".

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Irony Of Talent Shows

I don’t know why I write this shite, oh yeah, I know, because nobody else does, because I feel as though we're being lied to all day, every day.

The only people allowed to talk about 'unimportant' topics like this and be respected in the 'mainstream' are...
I'm tired of these Talent shows.. Namely 'The Voice'.

The winners don’t get anywhere and its all a waste of talent, serving only the broadcasters and the celebrity affiliates. I feel sad about the whole situation and for everyone involved. What is displayed is the buggery of the music biz's gaping rear.


Friday, February 21, 2014

Solution For Digitalization?

The expectation now is that by 2020 European nations such as France, England and Portugal will have riots and social uprising due to the effects of digitalization (computers taking peoples jobs to point of displacement of the majority of people).

Mass scale riots and rebellion would be good and very very bad.

This fear and reality of humans being displaced by computers is undeniably caused by rich devils, choosing to make themselves and their companies more money by saving it and making it easier with the use of computers.

One coder could create, every year, software instructions that would replace the utility of thousands of humans. 

Surely, one way to prevent this 'inevitable' scenario would be to utilise law. I'm no lawyer but I'm sure that there are ethical requirements for organisations to adhere to.

Surely, Unions can take companies to Court for unethical business practices. If a multinational company, that makes upwards of $10 Billion annually, desires to make 100,000 people redundant to save $2 Billion a year... Is that ethical? Do law systems allow this?

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Friday, February 07, 2014

Thursday, February 06, 2014

The Primary Reason UK Immigration Is Unfair

The primary issue of unfairness is that these immigrants are, in all purposes, the exact same as citizens. There is no clear difference. All free services are afforded to everyone, regardless of tax contribution.

Random Thought About 'Not Being Looked At'

Forget about this, 

Can you deny that some people are nicer to look at for specific reasons, and that some could, for another number of reasons, be less pleasing to look at? 

Can you agree that there are more reasons for not wanting to look at someone than just that they are ugly or gross? Is it then possible that someone might not want to look at someone because they are attractive?

No, not possibly.

After A Bad Performance

After a bad showing one can feel that all is lost...

Yes you didn't do yourself as proudly as you could've, but that's okay. Most of what you did was really very good, its just that there was mistakes and you know that they ruined the performance.

Like everyone else, you didn't listen to what I said, possibly because it was me who said it. I told you to practice what you had to do until it was easy, as second nature.

You can take the apparent failure as a final knock down, one that knocks you out of the game, or a learning process. Everyone experiences failure in some way, its a part of success.

Keep going on, doing what you enjoy, but remember that you can and should always be working to improve. Surprisingly, improvement is really easy; all you have to do is do and improvement will happen automatically.

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

A New Job Application Paradigm

I’ve been thinking... (ooh, don't hurt yourself)

With the decrease in opportunity and probability of getting a job, so should the level of effort that an applicant should be expected and have to put in to an application – or at least the average one.

This notion seems actively considered as many of the now mandatory online application processes have been shortened; from the discouraging 15 page inquiry of yesteryear to a quick couple of clicks.

Employers don’t even read CV’s anymore: they either send them through a computer keyword search which randomly picks 5 or so interviewees out of a suitable 100 (I know..), give the digital toilet paper to HR groups who only look at a CV for 2 seconds before deciding whether or not to punch a hole in it.

They don’t really have a choice though, because, now, one supermarket job can get a thousand applicants...

Saturday, January 04, 2014

The One Problem With Eastern Europeans


From 2012 but still applies
I genuinely love any and every person who is welcoming of knowledge, pleasant and honourable, be him/her pink, brown, orange or yellow, dark or light. I am a fair and pragmatic person, who loathes racism, but I and many others are being inclined to have a problem with the "European invasion" that is happening right now, particularly in England.

Hey WTF Music Business

The music industry is in a state of emergency: file sharing, youtube and streaming media capturers have rendered recorded music as free, genres are more than plentiful and with the increased ease of music production there are more music makers than ever before. There are literally 50,000 rappers out there now who can REALLY write better verses than 50 Cent, Lil Wayne or Eminem.

Will Reading Make You Smarter?

You know the type: up themselves, well spoken, calm and always with a book. Are they as smart as they think they are? Is a book-reader automatically more intelligent than couch potato or someone who's book-shy?

What Is / How To Be Posh?

note: To be posh, just speaking a certain way is not enough; 'poshness' is a combination of things, one can pretend to be posh by way of speech but the truly posh all have a set of traits in common that are unusual for the majority. A person must reflect at least 8 of the 10 characteristics and attitudes detailed below to be certified as posh.

Can We Leave The EU Please?

Reported amount of deficit debt
£80 Billion+

Amount England gave to the EU :
£19 .7 Billion+

Amount England saved with all the nasty budget cuts :
£6.2 Billion-

Percentage of all Alcohol Tax paid in the EU that comes from the UK

Ratio of new jobs given to European and other immigrants :

Conservative reported UK unemployment figure
2.56 Million+

Amount of Europeans freely migrated into the UK since 2007
15 Million+

Being tied to the EU limits a country from trading freely and fairly.

The country with the richest people (av.) in Europe is also the one with the least ties and bindings to the EU; Switzerland.

WE NEED TO LEAVE, sorry.... thanks, the food was great....

WTF "Nigga/Nigger" Clarification

from 2012
"Relax please, I am in no way saying that all 'white' people are racist, relaax!!"


please share, if you got the balls..

I feel this clarification needs to be put out there, the subject of the word 'nigga' and its modern usage comes up endlessly in conversation and invariably ends in disagreement. This is the fairest sum-up of this issue that I can present to you; the culmination of years of experience, conversation and contemplation.  The difference is not that hard too understand. The question now is... What is the difference between 'nigger' and 'nigga'?

I hope that this article (and this one) will be used by many to end *or prevent* disputes without losing friends...

 "Why can't we say nigger too?"

For when insightful logic is absent: Its simple, kinda. The word 'nigger' was created by racists, was used in heinous acts of racism and has a devaluing effect on its victims (not only due to the attribution given to 'dark' or 'black'.......). Some say that it's inspiration was Niger, meaning it's a mispronunciation whereas others say it originated from the word 'Ngu' for God, the Latin/Spanish word for Black or 'Negus' for Ethiopian King and others say blah, blah......nobody actually knows.

What's for sure is: Black people weren't calling themselves 'niggers' before europeans did. Also, they weren't identifying themselves as 'black' in any of the hundreds of African languages.

The term holds much weight: conjuring up images of hatred, hardship and pain, beautiful raped-pregnant 'black' women strung up in ropes before an ecstatic 'white' crowd to have their beige and brown babies cut out of their bulbous bellies and stamped on to cheers (think I'm exaggerating?) placated by the misconception of the victims sub-human inferiority.

A white person saying the word 'nigger' outside of a quotation context is always going to be weird. The issue that is capable of having it's validity in question is the 'black's' usage.

The young "black's" usage of the n-word, today, is to devalue its conversion; to invalidate its old meaning and diminish its imprint on the psyches of the afflicted. 

Its replacement (nigga) is now used by non-racist users as an expression or a term of neutral reference granted to any person of any skin tone, with no negative connotation outside of the context it is used in.

In text, 'nigger', instead of 'nigga', being written identifies the racist intent of the author.

When any non-'black' people use it in jest or as insult it is unacceptable, a derogatory word born of racism by a specific race that in an advanced, "diplomatic" and civil anti-racism society should never be said by that race. Used as an insult, by any race, it is converted by context into 'nigger'.

I know it may be confusing..
If 'nigger' is only to be used to describe darker skinned people, it IS now racist.
If 'nigga' is NOT only used exclusively to describe a person-of-colour, it now ISN'T racist. (the use of the word with negative connotations or as a curse or insult to a 'non-black' is also racist.)

"The intended meaning determines the variation used (nigger/nigga)."

Obviously it would be best for everyone to just not use the word at all but unfortunately, it's too late and we aren't that kind of species; In the same way that we all laugh and cope with impending, unmovable death by dwelling upon it, compulsively digesting stories and images of killing, laughing in its face and making the most of life, we flip it..... 

I hope WE (each socially upheld skin-tone division united) can progress peacefully with the unbearable imbalance provided by a term that's free use is limited to only one race. The balance, as always, is there: 'black guys can't have fringes!....am I lying?!' :)

For the really smart:
This is a pejorative term's amelioration. "LOOK EM UP!!" Don't deny 'blacks' the ability to do what others can and have. I'm talking to you, 'black' people, too.

"I shall not speak on 'hood-passes"

'White' people in movies need to stop using the word 'Nigger' in their craps, the excuse being 'authenticity', what do we all stand for again? Answer: not racism.

If we are wanting to show and see authentic, damaging, offensive and detracting renditions of moments of racism from now and then, then the flipside of the present and historical coin should be imposed and represented too; the positive side, as balance, both fictional and factual.

Glorifying racism and the use of racist slurs by those such as Tarantino and Scorcese is not simply an innocent show of immature liberation; why are there no mainstream films that relentlessly insult 'caucasians'?(yeah, i know, the 'white market' argument).

Why are there no pre-colonial 'black' history movies? All we see of our past is post-slavery as if what came before is of no relevance (it isn't?.. Oh, I'm sorry..).

"Why are there no Asian-American leads?"
"Why are there so many fake blondes?"
"Why are nearly all of the 'hot' black girls light with small noses?"

You would be stupid not to acknowledge that Hollywood and cinema has a huge influence over the world. Pop-culture is an international concept and spreads/moulds consensuses for ideals and understandings. I'm happy things are getting better on that front...

Even though racism is literally stupidity, in many circles and cultures it is mandatory, a standard practice seen as fair and rational. This un-negotiated re-branding of the term 'nigger' serves to negate the terms negativity.

I digress wildly...

The bottom line is "Why should you ever want and be able to use the word 'nigga'?" a question to which the only current acceptable answer is: "Because it's part of my culture and its use isn't meant to offend" which is fair enough, but whether it does *offend* or not is another matter... Nigga and Nigger, not the same, Sorry love.

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