Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Chill Out on the Benefits Cap

People love to get new things to complain about..

The monkey-brained British government, probably at the influence of the EU, have decided to introduce a limit onto how much money social security receivers can receive. Isn't that something that should have already been in place?

An issue is that the misplaced public outcry is unreasonable: the cap is likely to be a maximum of £500 a week for couples with or without children and £350 a week for single people. These amounts of dough are what most people work for and the impoverished dream about, the concessions provided by benefit eligibility make these values even more sustaining than they appear to be.

At the most lenient these amounts should only be warranted by receivers having something like 12 kids...which is unacceptable carelessness anyway.

These 'caps' only serve to highlight the incentive to receive benefits and stay out of work as opposed to scare people into it...our government is wasting their efforts.

Instead of uniting about nothing....

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